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Welcome to the Java Community Process!
Welcome to, home of the Java Community ProcessSM (JCPSM) Program. The JCP is the mechanism for developing standard technical specifications for Java technology. Anyone can register for the site and participate in reviewing and providing feedback for the Java Specification Requests (JSRs), and anyone can sign up to become a JCP Member and then participate on the Expert Group of a JSR or even submit their own JSR Proposals.
To get the most out of the site, register now.

For more information about the JCP Program, refer to our overview page.

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2020 EC Election
The 2020 EC Election will start on September 8. If you or your organization is interested in participating in the JCP EC, please start preparing the materials.

Java in Education
Java in Education is an initiative to promote Java in the local educational institutions.

See the message from Heather VanCura, Director and Chairperson of the JCP Program.

Public EC Meeting on 9 June
The June Public EC Meeting summary and materials have been posted.

25th Anniversary of Java!
Java turns 25 this year!

Take a look at the recording of Java's 25th Birthday Kickoff live webcast on May 20, 2020.

2019 JCP EC Elections Results are Published!
The JCP EC Elections have completed on 18 November 2019 at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time.

The results are now available.

Congratulations to the newly elected and re-elected JCP EC Members and thank you to all the nominees and JCP Members for participating in the elections!

2019 JCP Annual Awards Winners Announced!
The 2019 JCP annual awards winners were announced at the JCP annual community party during Oracle Code One.

Congratulations to both winners and nominees!

Celebrating 20 Years of the JCP!
We are celebrating the 20 years of the JCP with the community.

Login Change now uses Oracle's Single Sign-On (SSO) to log in to the site. Note that the login ID is your e-mail address; the old JCP userIDs are no longer used.

Existing users: you should click the "Sign In" button on the left to login using your SSO credentials. If you do not have an SSO login, you will be asked to create one. When creating an SSO login, make sure to use the same e-mail address as used in your JCP account! If you are unsure which e-mail address you've used before, or if you run into other problems with logging in, contact

New to Click "Register for site" on the left and follow the directions; you will be taken to create an SSO login on Oracle's profile page and then may login to once the account is created and verified.

For more detailed information, refer to our SSO FAQ list.

JSR Updates

New JSRs
JSR 391, Java SE 16

Early Draft Reviews
JSR 302, Safety Critical Java Technology

Public Reviews
JSR 381, Visual Recognition Specification
JSR 390, Java SE 15

Final Releases
JSR 371, Model-View-Controller (MVC 1.0) Specification
JSR 385, Units of Measurement API 2.0
JSR 386, Java SE 12
JSR 388, Java SE 13
JSR 389, Java SE 14

Maintenance Reviews
JSR 269, Pluggable Annotation Processing API

Maintenance Releases
JSR 56, Java Network Launching Protocol and API
JSR 67, Java APIs for XML Messaging
JSR 199, Java Compiler API
JSR 222, Java Architecture for XML Binding
JSR 224, Java API for XML-Based Web Services
JSR 269 Pluggable Annotation Processing
JSR 318, Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1 (Interceptors 1.2)
JSR 337, Java SE 8 Release Contents
JSR 338, Java Persistence 2.2
JSR 354, Money and Currency API
JSR 364, Broadening JCP Membership
JSR 384, Java SE 11
JSR 387, Streamline the JCP Program
JSR 907, Java Transaction API
JSR 919, JavaMail
JSR 925, JavaBeans Activation Framework

Individual Membership Renewal Process
The Program Management Office is completing the individual JCP Membership renewal process now. The individual JCP Membership of those who have not responded will be canceled.

JCP.Next Progress Update
JSR 387, Streamline the JCP Program, has posted a Maintenance Release (2019).
JSR 364, Broadening JCP Membership, has posted a Maintenance Release (2017).
JSR 355, JCP Executive Committee Merge, completed its work and went final in 2012.
JSR 348, Towards a new version of the JCP, posed a Final Release in 2011.

JUGs or Individuals, Complete the Transparency Checks or Audits on JSRs

There is a transparency sub-project introduced as part of the Adopt-a-JSR program. We need JUGs or individuals to do transparency checks or audits on JSRs.

EC Meetings
The latest EC meeting summaries have been posted.

Materials for Spec Leads
Following the upgrade to the JCP 2.8 Program, the Program Office has made available the following materials for Spec Leads on the Multimedia page of
  • Adopt-a-JSR for Spec Leads (February 2013 call)
  • JCP 2.9 and Transparency (November 2012 call)
  • Meet the Candidates (October 2012 call)
  • Expert Group Nominations (June 2012 call)
  • Leveraging the JCP Community (February 2012 call)
  • Transparency (December 2011 call)
  • JCP 2.8 Overview (October 2011 call)

JUG Members Learn the Benefits of Active JCP Participation
The Java Community Process (JCP) program has seen a dramatic rise in worldwide participation. Read more here...

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EC meeting summaries
Multimedia page
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JCP Community Page
News JSR 381 Visual Recognition Specification Public Review
JSR 390 Java SE 15 Public Review
JSR 269 Pluggable Annotation Processing API Maintenance Review 9
JSR 354 Money and Currency API Maintenance Release
JSR 391 Java SE 16 iteration begins
JSR 354 Money and Currency API Maintenance Review
JSR 389 Java SE 14 Final Release
JSR 337 Java SE 8 Release Contents Maintenance Release 3
JSR 269 Pluggable Annotation Processing API Maintenance Review 8
JSR 371 Model-View-Controller (MVC 1.0) Specification Final Release
JSR 389 Java SE 14 Public Review
JSR 378 Portlet 3.0 Bridge for JavaServer Faces 2.2 Specification Public Review
JSR 337 Java SE 8 Maintenance Review 3
JSR 390 Java SE 15 JSR Review
JSR 282 Real-time Specification for Java 2 Public Review 2
JSR 388 Java SE 13 Final Release
JSR 385 Units of Measurement API 2.0 Final Release
JSR 387 Streamline the JCP Program Maintenance Release
JSR 389 Java SE 14 JSR Proposal
JSR 381 Visual Recognition Specification Early Draft Review
JSR 378 Portlet 3.0 Bridge Specification for JSF 2.2 Early Draft Review 2
JSR 269 Pluggable Annotation Processing API Maintenance Review 5
JSR 302 Safety Critical Java Technology Early Draft Review 4
JSR 907 Java Transaction API Maintenance Release 3