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The Executive Committee (EC) is the group of Members guiding the evolution of Java technology in the Java Community Process (JCP). The EC represents both major stakeholders and a representative cross-section of the Java Community. The EC is responsible for approving the passage of specifications through key points of the JCP and for reconciling discrepancies between specifications and their associated test suites. Originally there were two ECs (the SE/EE EC and the ME EC); these were merged with JCP 2.9.

For more information about the function of the Executive Committee, please refer to the Java Community Process Document and the Executive Committee's Standing Rules.


The Executive Committee is expected to:

  • Select JSRs for development within the JCP.
  • Approve draft specifications for Public Review.
  • Give final approval to completed Specifications and their associated RIs and TCKs.
  • Decide appeals of first-level TCK test challenges.
  • Review and approve maintenance releases.
  • Approve transfer of maintenance duties between Members.
  • Provide guidance to the PMO.

Yearly Summaries

The following are summaries of EC activity by year, including EC meeting attendance and voting records.

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This table lists the current Executive Committee and its representatives.

Executive Committee Members
EC Member Representative E-mail address Current term ends
Alibaba Sanhong Li (bio)
Denghui Dong (bio) (alternate)
sanhong.lsh @
denghui.ddh @
2024, ratified Services, Inc Volker Simonis (bio)
Yishai Galatzer (bio) (alternate)
simonisv @
yishai @
2025, elected
Arm Ltd Stuart Monteith (bio)
Shiyou Huang (bio) (alternate)
stuart.monteith @
Shiyou.Huang @
2025, ratified
Azul Systems Gil Tene (bio)
Gerrit Grunwald (bio) (alternate)
gil @
ggrunwald @
2025, elected
BellSoft Aleksei Voitylov (bio) aleksei.voitylov @ 2024, ratified
BNY Sirisha Pratha (bio)
Rodrigo Graciano (bio) (alternate)
Victor Grazi (bio) (alternate)
Sirisha.Pratha @
Rodrigo.Graciano @
victor.grazi @
2024, ratified
Eclipse Foundation Ivar Grimstad (bio)
Thabang Mashologu (bio) (alternate)
ivar.grimstad @
thabang.mashologu @
2024, elected
Ken Fogel Ken Fogel (bio) kfogel @ 2024, associate
Fujitsu Limited Kenji Kazumura (bio) kzr @ 2025, ratified
IBM Mark Little (bio)
Tim Ellison (bio) (alternate)
markclittle @
tellison @
2025, ratified
Intel Steve Dohrmann (bio) steve.dohrmann @ 2025, ratified
Japan Java User Group Shin Tanimoto (bio)
Maaya Ishida (bio) (alternate)
tanimoto.shin @
traveler.maya @
2025, associate
JetBrains Mala Gupta (bio) mala.gupta @ 2024, ratified
MicroDoc Bruno Caballero (bio) bruno.caballero @ 2024, ratified
Microsoft Martijn Verburg (bio) maverbur @ 2024, elected
Oracle Luke Kowalski (bio)
Machiel Bolhuis (bio) (alternate)
luke.kowalski @
machiel.bolhuis @
SAP SE Götz Lindenmaier (bio)
Christoph Langer (bio) (alternate)
Martin Dörr (bio) (alternate)
goetz.lindenmaier @
christoph.langer @
martin.doerr @
2024, ratified
SouJava Bruno Ferreira de Souza (bio)
Otavio Santana (alternate)
Rafael Chinelato Del Nero (alternate)
bruno @
otaviopolianasantana @
rafachinelato @
2025, ratified