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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
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Public Review of Draft Specifications

After completion of Early Draft Review (see Section 2.3), a draft specification is made available for Public Review, as described in Section 3.1.

Download Public Drafts

The following draft specifications are available for Public Review. The download pages will tell when each review period closes and where you can send comments. The Expert Group writing each draft is required to read and consider all comments submitted.

385 Units of Measurement API 2.0
Description: This JSR is a major evolution of the Unit API 1.0 (JSR 363) specification. Focused on the SI System redefinition, modularity and support for Java SE 8/9 and above.
Status: Active
Latest Stage:
Public Review Download page Start: 2019-05-24 End: 2019-06-07
Spec Lead: Jean-Marie Dautelle, Dautelle, Jean-Marie
Spec Lead: Werner Keil, Keil, Werner
Spec Lead: Otavio Santana, Santana, Otavio
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