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JCP's 25th Anniversary

Twenty-five years of the Java Community Process

Through much of late 2023 and early 2024, the Program Management Office has been celebrating the first twenty-five years of innovation and standardization in the Java Community Process.

Much of the success of the Java programming language can be attributed to how the language evolves and how the worldwide community of Java developers collaborates in that evolution. The Java Community Process (JCP) Program is the process by which the international Java community standardizes and ratifies the specifications for Java technologies. In Fall 2023, we began celebrating 25 years of community collaboration in the JCP program, since the Java Community Process was introduced at the Java for Business conference in New York City in 1998. That initial announcement of the JCP was made by Alan Baratz, then-president of JavaSoft at Sun Microsystems. Jim Mitchell, Sun Labs Fellow, was appointed as the first Director of the JCP program.

The JCP was formed to ensure that high-quality specifications are developed using an inclusive, consensus-based approach. Requests are made to create Java Specifications (Java Specification Requests, or JSRs), and each JSR is developed by a Specification Lead working with a group of experts selected from the worldwide Java community. These expert groups help to ensure that each completed Specification meets the requirement of producing an accompanying Reference Implementation (demonstration that the Specification can be implemented) and Technology Compatibility Kit (a suite of tests, tools, and documentation used to test implementations for compliance with the Specification).

The JCP has evolved over time from that first version of the process, with each iteration of the JCP revised as a JSR of its own. Subsequent versions of the JCP have introduced new milestones and requirements, but every update to the JCP has focused on maintaining the value of community collaboration.

To commemorate the 25 Year Anniversary of the JCP program, we created a 25-year timeline (see section below), a photographic video montage highlighting some of our community members over the past two and a half decades, held a 25th anniversary event in New York City, created "JUG kits" for JCP Members to use in the celebrations of their local Java User Groups, celebrated with a JCP 25th Anniversary Party at the Computer History Museum in January 2024, and a JCP 25th Anniversary Social Hour at Devnexus in April 2024. Our community is based around a shared interest in Java technology and also the people in the JCP and our shared experiences.

The Annual Java Community Process Awards

At the JCP 25th Anniversary Party in January, we announced the winners of the annual JCP Awards, including an award for 25 years of achievement.

The recipient accepting the 25-year Achievement award
Brian Goetz was awarded the JCP 25-Year Achievement award;
here Georges Saab is accepting the award on Brian's behalf


Three recipients accepting the Java in Education award
Devoxx4Kids/Jozi JUG receives the Java in Education Community Award


Ed Burns receiving the JCP Member of the Year award on behalf of Frank Greco and Zoran Sevarac
Frank Greco/Zoran Sevarac were awarded the JCP Member/Participant of the Year award,
but as they were unable to attend in person, Ed Burns received the award on their behalf

JCP 25-year Timeline

The JCP Program Management Office has produced a timeline of significant events in the Java Community Process over the past twenty-five years. You can view the timeline by going to the "Our work with industry leaders" page and clicking the "See Now" button where it says "Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the JCP Program."

What is the Java Community Process (JCP) Program?

The JCP program is the open, participative process to develop and revise the Java technology specifications, reference implementations, and test suites. We're here to continually evolve the Java platform with the help of the international Java developer community. That's you.

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