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Java in Education

Java in Education is an initiative to promote Java in the local educational institutions.

Visit the Java in Education Wiki for more details.

See the message from Heather VanCura, Director and Chairperson of the JCP Program.

Join us at Java in Education

  • Java in Education for JUGS v2.3.1 -- UPDATED!

    Target Audience:

    CS instructors/educators/students
    Developers considering Java

    Abstract - Java in Education v2.3.1:

    Modern Java Features: Highlights of new Java SE 9 - Java SE 23 features

    Java is used by the top 95% of all employers around the world to build mission-critical systems.
    Because of this demand, Java is widely embraced by the education community. Amongst its many features, Java is object-oriented, is written once and runs on any device, has built-in multi-threaded programming, has an integrated UI library, and has a rich ecosystem maintained by developers all over the world. For this and many other reasons, Java continues to attract educators. Java continues to evolve to meet the growing industry trends.

    In this presentation we look at recent enhancements to the language, look at some modern coding examples, and compare Java to another well-known language. One audience for this is educators considering Java in the classroom or who might need to defend their choice. It can also be used to help students and developers decide to learn Java. As Java evolves so will this presentation. A career in software development should begin with Java.

  • What is Java and Why Should You Learn it? -- UPDATED!

    Target Audience:

    With Programming background:
    High School students, college students, new developers
    With no CS background:


    Did you know that Java powers the most popular websites in the world? Java is the driving force behind Wikipedia, Spotify, Google, Amazon, and many other sites. Java was created over 25 years ago, and it continues to be one of the leading programming languages. Java developers are among the world?s most highly paid developers.
    In this talk, we will explain what Java is, how Java solves problems in the software industry, and how Java can guide your career growth. We will also provide resources to help you learn Java and explore how you can become a certified Java developer. We will show you how to stay informed when new versions of Java are released.. We?ll tell you how joining your local Java User Group builds your network and may eventually lead to an internship or a job. Come for Java; stay for all the fun!

    Ways to get involved:

    • Join your local JUG
    • Grow your network through JUGs to get internships
    • Contribute to Open Source and learn how to work on real life projects

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