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Spec Lead Guide (v8.0)

Write a JSR |  Submit a JSR |  JSR Review |  EG formation |  Early Draft Review |  Public Review |  Proposed Final Draft |  Final Ballot |  Maintenance |  Spec Lead Guide  
This Guide is designed to answer common questions from the Spec Leads, familiarize current and future Spec Leads with the Java Specification Request (JSR) process, and provide step-by-step instructions for reaching each milestone in the process..
The success of the Java Community Process (JCP) program is dependent on the success of its Specification Leads. This guide is a living document based on experiences of current Spec Leads and will be expanded as new suggestions and helpful hints are submitted. Whenever the PMO improves the process the Spec Lead Guide will be updated with the latest information.
A typical JCP 2.11 JSR follows a predictable timeline, as shown below.


Tutorial series: Life of a Spec Lead
Moving through the JSR process
General Reference
Tutorial Part I: Starting a JSR and Expert Group
Write a JSR
Submit a JSR
Transparency checklist (for JCP 2.7 and above JSRs)
JCP 2.8/2.9 Gantt chart
JSR Review and JSR Approval Ballot - JAB
Expert Group Formation/Expansion
Tutorial Part II: Managing an Expert Group
Tutorial Part III: Cycling Through the Draft Reviews
Early Draft Review - EDR (JCP 2.7 and above)
Public Review - PR
Proposed Final Draft - PFD
Tutorial Part IV: Finalizing a Java Specification Request (JSR)
Tutorial Part V: Managing RI and TCK Development
Final Approval Ballot & Final Release FAB/FR
Tutorial Part VI: Maintaining a JSR
Maintenance Review and Maintenance Release - MR/MREL
Maintenance Release after Item Exception ballot- MREL
Other stages

Spec Lead Case Studies and Success Stories
How to change to the most recent JCP version
Check the JCP GitHub Issue Tracker for status of JSR submissions
Overview of JCP 2.11 changes
Overview of JCP 2.10 changes
Overview of JCP 2.8/2.9 changes
Overview of JCP 2.7 changes
Star Spec Lead Program
Information about the Star Spec Lead Program.
Inactive JSRs
Spec Lead FAQ
Contact the PMO
Developing TCKs
Guidance on Technology Compatibility Kits (TCKs), including examples of Appeals Processes.
License Reference Page
A listing of some of the license options available to Spec Leads.

The PMO welcomes suggestions and requests from the Spec Leads for improvements of this guide and the process: