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JSRs: Java Specification Requests

List by JCP Stage

JSR Review (0 JSRs)
A specification is initiated by community members and approved for development by the Executive Committee.

Early Draft Review (0 JSRs)
Once a JSR is approved, a group of experts is formed to develop a first draft of the specification that anyone with an Internet connection can review.

Public Review (0 JSRs)
The JSR draft goes out for review by the public where anyone with an Internet connection can read and comment on the draft. The Expert Group uses the public feedback to further revise the document.

Proposed Final Draft (0 JSRs)
The version of the draft specification that will be used as the basis for the RI and TCK.

Final Release (269 JSRs)
The leader of the Expert Group then sees that the reference implementation and its associated Technology Compatibility Kit are completed before sending the specification to the Executive Committee for final approval.

Maintenance Review (3 JSRs)
The completed specification, reference implementation, and Technology Compatibility Kit are updated in response to ongoing requests for clarification, interpretation, enhancements, and revisions.

Active (9 JSRs)
JSRs that have posted a JCP milestone draft within the last 12 months.

Inactive (1 JSR)
JSRs that have both not posted a Final Release and have not posted a JCP milestone draft for the last 12 months.

Dormant (26 JSRs)
JSRs are listed as dormant when there is no Specification/Maintenance Lead, when a JSR has had an extended period of inactivity, or when a JSR is voted as Dormant by the Executive Committee after an extended period of inactivity.

Withdrawn (102 JSRs)
JSRs that are withdrawn from the JCP by their Spec Leads before going to Final Release.

Rejected (14 JSRs)
JSRs that are voted down by the Executive Committee during the JSR Review, Draft Approval, or Final Approval Ballots.