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Spec Lead Guide: Submitting a JSR Proposal

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Use the JSR Proposal form to submit a JSR. Older versions of the JSR Proposal form do not include the newest requirements and will delay the posting of your new JSR. See Oracle Legal Notices for guidelines for JSR names. For information about the JSR Naming program, please send inquiries to

Submitted JSR proposals are reviewed by the PMO and, if there are no issues or anything missing with the proposal, the JSR is posted for a JSR Review of two or four weeks, which is then followed by a one-week JSR Approval Ballot. To get on a particular JSR Approval Ballot, submitted JSRs must be received enough in advance to allow for the two or four week JSR Review before the ballot. For example, if you wished to submit a JSR to start the JSR Approval Ballot on 1 November, the latest you could use the JSR Proposal Form to submit your proposal would be Friday, 14 October: 2 days for PMO review, then posting on 18 October for a two-week JSR Review.

When received, the proposal is reviewed by the PMO for completeness. The PMO will contact the submitter if there are any issues that require clarification. You may check the status of your JSR Proposal on the JCP Github page, where issues are filed for each JSR milestone submission. Once there are no issues, the PMO then assigns a JSR number to the proposal and prepares to post it for the next available Tuesday ballot.
The PMO welcomes suggestions and requests from the Spec Leads for improvements of this guide and the process: