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Spec Lead Guide: Changing to the most recent JCP version
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As the Java Community Process evolves, you may wish to move your JSR to the most recent version of the JCP. This explains how. The most current version of the JCP is JCP 2.9. All new JSRs will automatically start in this JCP version, but if you have a JSR that was started before JCP 2.9 was available, it will be in an older JCP version.

To move your JSR to JCP 2.9, follow these steps:

  1. Determine which version of the JCP your JSR is currently using. Look at your JSR's page on under "JCP version in use." This is important to know because older versions of the JCP may have significantly different JSR proposal forms, so for JSRs of JCP versions before JCP 2.7, you will need to submit the answers to the missing questions. Compare the list of questions answered in your original JSR proposal to the list in the JCP 2.9 proposal: Send the answers to any different or missing questions to, as well as any questions for which your answers have changed. If the changes are particularly extensive, you may consider submitting the proposal form again with all the correct information. Note that, if your JSR is operating under JCP 2.8, the only change in JCP 2.9 - the merging of two Executive Committees into one - has already happened. So JCP 2.8 JSRs are effectively already operating under JCP 2.9, and can make the move with no further changes.
  2. Determine which version of the JSPA is in use by your JSR. Look at your JSR's page on under "Java Specification Participation Agreement version in use." JCP 2.9 operates under JSPA 2. If your JSR is listed as operating under JSPA 1.0, you will need to make sure that your Expert Group has all signed the JSPA 2. If not, they will be removed from the Expert Group when your JSR makes the switch to JCP 2.9. The PMO will notify each expert thus removed what he needs to do to be reinstated on the Expert Group.
  3. Provide the answers to the following questions, sending them in e-mail to Which JSR do you want to move to 2.9?
    Do all of the experts on your Expert Group agree to change to JCP 2.9?
    What is the specific URL for the document archive?
    What is the specific URL for the Issue Tracker?
    What is the specific URL for the EG communication archive?
    What is the description of your communications channel/how the public should provide feedback?
    How will you consult with the Expert Group of your JSR on new Expert Group nominations?
    How will you provide details of the Expert Group nominations for your JSR to the public?
  4. You may also wish to provide answers to the JCP 2.9 transparency checklist, sending them to
The PMO will confirm receipt and follow-up with you on any answers that aren't clear. Once the answers are clear and the Expert Group agrees to make the change, the PMO will update your JSR listing to show that your JSR is now operating under JCP 2.9 and announce the change to the community.

The PMO welcomes suggestions and requests from the Spec Leads for improvements of this guide and the process: