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Spec Lead Guide: Overview of JCP 2.11 changes
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In December 2018, the revised JCP document was released as a Final Release of JSR 387 and the related changes to the process were made available to new JSRs.

Changes to JCP processes

  • These JSR milestones from prior JCP versions do not exist in JCP 2.11:
    - Early Draft Review
    - Proposed Final Draft
    - Public Review Ballot
    - Public Draft Reconsideration Ballot
    - Final Approval Ballot
    - Final Approval Reconsideration Ballot
  • JCP 2.10's Public Review Ballot and Final Approval Ballot stages have been combined into one Public Review Final Approval Ballot.
  • Submitters of a new JSR can opt to have their proposal be for an "Iterative JSR." After the initial JSR's JSR Approval Ballot is approved as an Iterative JSR, version iterations of that specification create a new JSR that is automatically approved; any subsequent JSR for that specification does not have another JSR Approval Ballot.
  • JSRs in Maintenance may produce an Errata Maintenance Release to revise the specification to correct typographical errors, minor corrections, and other non-substantive changes. Errata Maintenance Releases do not require a Maintenance Review.

The PMO welcomes suggestions and requests from the Spec Leads for improvements of this guide and the process: