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Spec Lead Guide: JSR Review and the JSR Approval Ballot (JAB)

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The JSR proposal is received and posted to the JCP web site for JSR Review. JSR Reviews are visible to the public and last for at least two weeks. The JSR submitter specifies whether the JSR Review should be two or four weeks long, but the actual length may be slightly longer, as the JSR Review is immediately followed by the JSR Approval Ballot. All JCP ballots begin on Tuesdays, so all JSR Reviews end on Mondays. For instance, a JSR that starts a two-week JSR Review on Wednesday, 26 October, would last until Monday, 14 November (2 weeks from Wednesday would be Tuesday...but the ballot must follow the JSR Review, so the review would be extended another 6 days to bring it to end of the next Monday).

JSR Reviews are announced to the community when they are publicly visible, and the public can review the proposal and provide feedback using the mechanism you specified in your JSR proposal (communication channel, Issue Tracker).

The JSR Approval Ballot begins on Tuesday immediately after the JSR Review and runs for a 2 week voting period, midnight PST/PDT. If Monday is an U.S. holiday, the voting period extends to Tuesday midnight under the holiday voting rules. The elected Executive Committee (EC) appropriate to this proposal casts votes on your proposal during this period.
A Ballot requires a minimum of 5 yes votes and a majority of the votes cast to be approved. Non votes are not counted. The Spec Lead must be responsive to comments sent from the public and from the voting EC. The JSR page contains the communications channel and Issue Tracker that the submitter provided. If you are not available during the voting period you must prepare an alternate contact to handle responding to comments and questions.
If your JSR Proposal is not approved by the EC, you have 14 calendar days to revise the Proposal for a reconsideration ballot. If you plan to submit a revised Proposal, please notify the PMO ( as soon as possible. If you have reason to believe that your JSR may not be approved, you might want to start revising the Proposal earlier.
You may update the JSR proposal information throughout the process in all stages except during Ballots, so you may update the JSR Proposal during the JSR Review (before the JSR Approval Ballot), in response to feedback received from the community, for instance. Send the list of changes to Please send just an itemized list of updates/changes, rather than reusing the JSR Proposal form or sending an edited version of the Proposal. Note that after the JAB, you can update schedules, TBAs, dependencies on or connections to other JSRs, but not the approved scope of the JSR. Like the rest of the proposal, the initial Expert Group and Supporters sections can only be updated until the JSR Approval Ballot begins. After the beginning of the JAB, no additions or changes will be made to these sections of the JSR page. Any updates made after the ballot completes will be posted in a separate section entitled 'Updates to the Original Proposal', while the original text will still appear in the 'Original Java Specification Request' section. Spec Leads should use the Community tab to provide links to the communication channel and Issue Tracker, as well as any other pertinents information relating to the JSR.
Note that, once the JSR is posted, you as the Specification Lead can edit the content on the "Community" tab for your JSR. You should make sure that it contains the information about your Issue Tracker, public communications channel, and so forth. You may also wish to note on the Community Tab any areas that you'd like the assistance of the Adopt-A-JSR program.
The PMO welcomes suggestions and requests from the Spec Leads for improvements of this guide and the process: