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Spec Lead Guide: Public Review (PR)

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Public Review is the first point in the Java Community Process that the community reviews an actual draft of the specification that is followed by a ballot for the Executive Committee to vote on the progress of the JSR.

Where Public Review comes in the development of the JSR varies depending on which version of the Java Community Process applies to the JSR.

For all JSRs of JCP version 2.7 and newer, this is the Public Review process for Specification Leads:

  1. You create a specification for the review.
  2. You submit the specification and supporting materials to so the PMO can initiate the Public Review.
  3. After the requested duration (30 - 90 days), the review ends.
  4. The 7-day ballot begins.
  5. If the ballot is approved, you proceed to the next step in the JCP. If the ballot is not approved, you have 30 days to revise the materials and resubmit for a reconsideration ballot. If you don't hold a reconsideration ballot, or the reconsideration ballot is not approved, the JSR is closed.
The process for version of the JCP 2.5 and earlier is very similar; the main difference is that there is no ballot for the Executive Committee.

Once the Specification Lead(s) and the Expert Group feel that the specification is ready for Public Review, the Spec Lead(s) should submit all materials as detailed in the relevant JCP version's instructions to the PMO ( via e-mail with the JSR number and "Public Review" in the subject line.

Use the links for instructions for each JCP version below to read the detailed instructions for your JSR.

Public Reviews for JCP 2.11 | Public Reviews for JCP 2.6 - 2.10 | Public Reviews for JCP 1.0 - 2.5
The PMO welcomes suggestions and requests from the Spec Leads for improvements of this guide and the process: