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Spec Lead Guide: Item Exception Ballots

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Older versions of the JCP have a mechanism for the Executive Committee to take exception to changes proposed to a specification in the Maintenance process. Usually a Maintenance Release is posted automatically by the PMO after a successful Maintenance Review. However, in the case of items from the change log being deferred by an Item Exception Ballot from the EC, you will almost certainly need to submit a new set of Maintenance Release materials to replace what was submitted for your Maintenance Review. The PMO will notify you immediately if any EC Member takes exception to any of your proposed changes. "DEFERRED" items may not be placed in a Maintenance Release but must go into a new JSR. The Maintenance Release process is like the Final Release Process.
To post a Maintenance Release, you need to submit all of the following to the PMO (, specifying the JSR number and "Maintenance Release" in the subject line:

  1. The Spec, in pdf or zip format (please note that Javadoc files must be zipped).
  2. The version number for your spec, full legal name and address for your company/organization. This will be used to create the Final Release license. As an alternative, you may provide your own, but providing your own license can delay the posting due to necessary legal review.
  3. The alias for comments and questions about your Maintenance Release.
  4. The location where the Reference Implementation is posted for Maintenance Release.
  5. The location where the Technology Compatibility Kit is posted for Maintenance Release.
  6. The process by which qualified individuals and educational or not for profit organizations can access the TCK at no cost.
  7. The answer to the following questions for each of the specification files you wish posted as separate downloads.
    A. Does the specification include software codes in the following format:
    Binary : Yes _______ No __________
    Source (compilable) : Yes _______ No __________
    Javadocs : Yes _______ No __________
    B. Do the codes or the spec call on, contain, use
    or demonstrate encryption technology?
    Yes _________ No ________
    If yes, please describe in detail
  8. The name and contact information of the Maintenance Lead
Turnaround time: With any public posting of a spec to, the PMO will post the spec and related materials within 10 business days of receiving all the above materials at
Following the Maintenance Release, the Maintenance Lead (ML) resumes gathering a collating feedback on the release for inclusion in the Change Log as preparation for another Maintenance Review.
The PMO welcomes suggestions and requests from the Spec Leads for improvements of this guide and the process: