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JCP Communication Guidelines - PR/AR

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(Final version as of April 23, 2001 - developed by the JCP PMO together with the marketing communications/PR representatives of JCP members;
Updated and edited by the JCP PMO/Marketing Communications - PR/AR on November 26, 2007)

Overall Communication Guidelines
The JCP PMO will work toward ensuring accurate, timely and smooth communication of JCP announcements and other JCP program related news. The JCP PMO/marketing communications and JCP members' marketing communications representatives have developed a set of guidelines in support of the JCP communication process to help synchronize public communication about the JCP, primarily communication through press releases, with the JCP JSR approval process and associated time lines as outlined by the Java Community Process document.

Note 1:
The JCP Program Management Office (PMO) issues press releases on behalf of the JCP Program:
- not all Java technology press releases are to be considered JCP press releases; JCP press releases are public announcements about the JCP program itself, the JCP Executive Committees(EC), JCP EC elections, JCP membership, JCP process JSRs (process JSRs are the JSRs that evolve the JCP process itself) and JCP process related announcements
- JCP press releases will include approved JCP boilerplate language;
- the JCP PMO will publish these guidelines on

A. JCP Press Releases
- For press releases relating to the JCP program as defined under Note 1:
the JCP PMO will draft and distribute the announcements, will secure input from JCP members as appropriate and will keep membership and the public informed about these press releases via all appropriate vehicles including, JCP newsletters to members and press, emails to the relevant JCP aliases and will publish and archive JCP press releases on

B. JSR Press Releases
- For press releases relating to activities under the JCP such as JSRs, reference implementations (RI) and technology compatibility kits (TCK):
The JCP PMO recommends that press release initiators involve the JCP PMO in the review process of JSR press releases; the JCP marketing communications - PR/AR staff can assist with input and advice regarding content and distribution aspects including:
  • Giving Spec Leads, Expert Groups and Expert Group members proper recognition for their contributions to the development of the respective JSRs
  • the appropriate references to the JCP Program and community
  • specific language especially forward looking statements in synch with the respective JSR development stage
  • trade mark and service mark language
  • JCP boiler plate updates
  • JCP stats, facts and figures
To engage with the JCP PMO/Marketing communications - PR/AR regarding a press release you are planning to issue simply send an email to attention JCP PMO Marketing Comms - PR/AR

Note 2:
In order to best synchronize public communication about JSRs with the JCP JSR approval process and associated time lines it is recommended that appropriate forward looking statements are used in announcements about JSRs in early stages to indicate JSR future road maps, features, plans, etc.
It is also recommended that Spec Leads keep their Expert Groups informed about intended JSR press releases, engage them as appropriate in press releases reviews and incorporate EG members input in the respective announcements. For advice and support regarding this Spec Leads can always contact the JCP PMO/Marketing communications - PR/AR staff at

C. Other:
C. Other: It is recommended that Java technology press releases that are non-JCP press releases (see Note 1) carry mentions of the JCP program and be forwarded to the JCP PMO as courtesy copies. Inclusion of the JCP boiler plate and links to the are appreciated.

Media Outreach Activities Communication Guidelines
Activities such as public discussions, panels, keynotes, interviews, briefings, etc., are considered JCP and/or JCP related outreach activities if they are initiated/organized by/on behalf of the JCP and the participants are involved in the events as JCP spokespersons. In such instances it is recommended that the speakers inform the JCP PMO/Marketing Communications staff and the parties affiliated with the topic of their participation. The JCP PMO can extend support with most of the aspects involved including JCP content (stats, facts and figures, etc.), media outreach activities, media coverage monitoring, providing responses to the media as appropriate and providing updates at JCP EC meetings. For more details regarding JCP PMO support with these activities or other JCP related activities involving press and analysts send an email to

(JCP COMMUNICATION GUIDELINES - PR/AR, JCP 2.0, April 23, 2001/JCP PR Committee; updated by the JCP PMO/Marketing Communications - PR/AR, November 26, 2007, JCP 2.6)