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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
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Proposed Final Draft Specifications

After completion of Public Review, a Proposed Final Draft of the Specification is published, as described in Section 3.2. These draft Specifications are awaiting completion of the associated Reference Implementation (RI) and Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK). A Proposed Final Draft may be changed or updated by the Expert Group as a result of experience gained during the writing of the RI and/or the TCK.

Note: In JCP 1.0, this draft was called the First Public Release, and the TCK was called the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS).

Download Proposed Final Drafts

The following Proposed Final Draft specifications are available for download. The Proposed Final Draft specification(s) are made available for public review and comment only. Your rights with respect to the specifications at this stage in the Java Community Process are defined in the license beginning on the second page of each specification. Your comments on the specification(s) are encouraged subject to the terms of the license.

48 WBEM Services Specification
Description: JavaTM WBEM Services is a set of APIs and reference implementation for WBEM. WBEM is an initiative from the DMTF that unifies systems management and instrumentation.
Status: Active
Latest Stage:
Final Approval Ballot View results Start: 2014-03-25 End: 2014-04-07
Spec Lead: Carl Chan, WBEM Solutions, Inc
Spec Lead: Jim Davis, WBEM Solutions, Inc
333 Content Repository API for Java Technology 2.1
Description: As the version 2.1 of the Content Repository for Java Technology API, the aim is to further expand and refine the specification based on feedback from the community.
Status: Active
Latest Stage:
Proposed Final Draft Download page Start: 2013-08-31
Spec Lead: Peeter Piegaze, Adobe Systems Inc.
360 Connected Limited Device Configuration 8
Description: CLDC 8 will be an evolutionary update to CLDC 1.1.1 to bring the VM, Java Language, and libraries up to date with Java SE 8.
Status: Active
Latest Stage:
Final Approval Ballot Start: 2014-04-08 End: 2014-04-21
Spec Lead: Michael Lagally, Oracle
Spec Lead: Roger Riggs, Oracle
361 JavaTM ME Embedded Profile
Description: Update IMP(-NG) to align with state-of-the-art features and current embedded device market requirements.
Status: Active
Latest Stage:
Final Approval Ballot Start: 2014-04-08 End: 2014-04-21
Spec Lead: Star Spec Lead Volker Bauche, Oracle