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Star Spec Lead Mentorship Program

Mentoring provides the opportunity to explore specific competencies and skills, and to learn new techniques for mastering those skills with the assistance of someone else. The Star Spec Leads Mentoring Program calls upon the best Spec Leads of the JCP to share their knowledge and experience gained over the course of time as JSR drivers with other members including less experienced or aspiring Spec Leads.
This page will provide useful information for both Mentors and Mentees. Whether you are a Star Spec Lead looking to coach someone or a member in search of a Star Spec Lead mentor, make sure you check back this page for more information about the program. Coming soon!

Please email the PMO with any questions about becoming part of this program. Spec Leads are selected based on the results of a poll of Expert Group (EG) members, Executive Committee (EC) members, and PMO staff.