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Profiles of JCP EC Representatives

The job of an Executive Committee (EC) representative is a serious commitment. The time required is extensive, and includes reading of specifications, Reference Implementations (RIs), and Technology Compatibility Kits (TCKs), as well as regular attendance at EC meetings and teleconferences to discuss and vote on various technical and process topics. Besides voting on Java Specification Requests (JSRs) at various stages, the EC guides the Program Management Office (PMO) in the evolution of the Java Community Process (JCP) program. EC decisions can have significant, long-term consequences to not only the community, but also in the industry and the market. Still, plenty of JCP participants relish the task of representing a corporation, non-profit, open source group, or themselves.

Sacha Labourey
Sacha Labourey is CTO of Red Hat Middleware LLC and was an early contributor to the JBoss AS clustering project. He currently represents Red Hat Middleware LLC on the SE/EE EC. He views Java technology as an exemplary case where a single company, Sun Microsystems, has successfully put in place the conditions required to build an innovative multi-billion dollar, multi-vendor ecosystem. In that regard, the JCP plays a central role and Sacha hopes to see the number of participants in the JCP grow even more to make sure the needs of the Java community are still strongly represented, and do not simply represent the interests of its biggest vendors. He says, "While the balance is not always easy to find, Sun has done a pretty good job at stewarding Java. Furthermore, Sun's recent announcement towards a broader openness is also a great step in a good direction."

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