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Becoming a JCP Member: Instructions for Full Membership

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Full Membership

Legal entities such as companies and corporations can join the JCP as a Full Member. Individuals may also join as a Full Member. To join as a Full Member, a Java Specification Participation Agreement (download a review copy) must be signed. The JSPA is an agreement between a company, organization or individual, and Oracle, setting out each Full Member's rights and obligations when participating on the development of Java technology specifications in the JCP. For a comparison of the privileges of Full Membership and the privileges of other types of Membership, refer to the Participation Overview page or the Membership Classes chart.

Once you have determined that you can and wish to join as a Full Member, follow the applicable instructions:

Instructions for Organizations
Instructions for Individuals
Instructions for Manual Signature

Instructions for Organizations

Anyone employed by a Full Member organization can participate in the community and make use of the results of this participation within any projects or product developments at the organization.
If you are a registered user, you should view the list of JCP Members to see if your organization is already a Full Member. If it is, you can request to represent your organization in the JCP by clicking on "My Profile," clicking "Request Member Association," selecting the Full Member from the list, then click "Submit." Once the Full Member confirms the association, your account will be given Full Member privileges.

If your company is not already a Full Member, it can join the Java Community Process. Take a look at the reasons why your organization should participate in the JCP program. There is no fee for JCP Membership.
Organizations may become JCP Members by doing all of the following:

  1. Choose the person who will be Primary Contact for your organization to the JCP. The Primary Contact should be the one to follow the rest of these steps.

    What is a Primary Contact?
    The Primary Contact for a JCP Member is the person the PMO will contact to handle any and all administration of that Membership. So, among other things, the Primary Contact:

    • confirms the renewal of the JSPA each year
    • confirms any requests from other users to be covered by your organization's Membership
    • casts your organization's vote in the Executive Committee elections each year
    • maintains the list of people representing your organization

  2. Register for the site if you don't already have an account.
  3. Log on to with your account.
  4. Fill out the JSPA form that corresponds to your type of organization.
    For-profit companies or corporations should fill out this form.
    Non-profit organizations and government/educational institutions should fill out this form.
    Java source code licensees should fill out this form.
    By default, the JSPA expects an electronic signature. If you wish to print out a copy of the agreement for a physical signature, make sure to select "Manual Signature" on the form (see the manual signature instructions section below).
  5. Submit the JSPA form. You will then receive an e-mail message prompting you to sign the JSPA electronically.
  6. Sign the JSPA electronically, or specify a different person to sign the JSPA for your organization if you do not have signature authority within your company.
  7. Once you have submitted your electronic signature, Oracle will be prompted to counter-sign the JSPA 2. Once Oracle has signed the agreement, you will be notified that the agreement is complete and you can download it and/or print it for your records. The JCP PMO will then contact you with information about your Full Membership.

Instructions for Individuals

Individual Memberships
Most individuals who wish to participate in the Java Community Process will do so by becoming Associate Members, but it is possible for an individual to become a Full Member. In order to do so, the individual must fill out the JSPA 2 as described above, AND get his/her Employer to sign an Employer Contribution Agreement (ECA). If you are an individual who wishes to become a Full Member, please submit a JSPA using this form AND direct your Employer to visit to fill out an ECA. You are responsible for informing the PMO when your Employer changes.

If you are an individual who is self-employed, a student, unemployed, or employed as a professor at a university, you do not need your employer to sign an ECA. However, if you own your own business (eg., S Corporation), you will still need to sign and submit an ECA.

Individual Members moving to an Employer's Full Membership
Another alternative is for your employer to become a JCP Member, at which point you and any other employees who care to participate can represent that Membership in the JCP. If you are already a Full Member as an individual, but you wish to transfer your Membership to your employer, do the following:

  1. If it is not already a Full Member, have your employer become a Full Member, per the Instructions for Organizations above.
  2. Register a new account with, this time using the e-mail address associated with your employer. Note that you will not be able to re-use your existing JCP account associated with your individual JCP Membership.
  3. Once your new account is created, request member association with your employer: log in with your new account, click "My Profile,", then click "request Member association." On the resulting form, select your employer from the lsit and click "submit." This will generate an e-mail message to the Primary Contact of your organization. The Primary Contact will then confirm you as a representative of your employer.
  4. Write a message to requesting cancellation of your individual membership, with the subject line "Replace individual membership with [name of employer]'s membership." If you were on non-Final JSRs, you will be removed from these JSRs as an individual Member.
  5. If you intend to represent your employer on those JSRs, you will need to request to be added back to the Expert Groups by filling out the JSR nomination form using your new account associated with your employer.

Electronic Signature Instructions

The default method of Associate Membership Agreement signature is electronic signature.

When you fill out and submit the form for your Membership agreement, an e-mail message will be sent to you. This e-mail message will have a subject line that starts with "Please sign JCP." In the message, it will prompt you to click a link to sign the agreement. Clicking that link will open a web browser window on the electronic signature page for your agreement.

The agreement will be displayed in its entirety. If you have not read the agreement in advance, you can read through it here.

A yellow arrow will hover to the left of the agreement if you still have areas to fill out on the agreement. Click that yellow arrow to jump to the next area where you need to enter information (signature, initials, etc). Each area requiring your input is highlighted as a pink box with a red asterisk. Click on the box to enter your information, as described below:

  • Initials: Click this field to bring up a window to type your initials. In this window is a box labeled "Enter your initials here." Select that box and type your initials. The electronic signature service will then write your initials from what you have typed. As an alternative, you can click the "Draw" option to draw your initials freehand with your pointer. When you are satisfied with how your initials appear, click the blue "Apply" button to return to the agreement.

    Note: all fees for JCP Membership are waived, and the agreement will print with the legend "fees waived" in this section.

  • Name and Signature: Click this field to bring up a window to type your name. In this window is a box labeled "Enter your full name here." Select that box and type your full name. The electronic signature service will then sign your name from what you have typed. As an alternative, you can click the "Draw" option to sign your name freehand with your pointer. When you are satisfied with how your name and signature appear, click the blue "Apply" button to return to the agreement.

  • Title: Click this field to type in your job title.
With any of the fields, you can return to the field after you have entered something and change it. Just click on the box again to edit what you have entered.

After you have entered the information for all the fields, a blue button will appear at the bottom of the page labeled "Click to Sign." Once you are satisfied that all the information you have entered is correct, click that blue button and the agreement will be forwarded to Oracle for counter-signature.

Once the agreement has also been signed by Oracle, you will receive an e-mail notification with the subject line "[Name of Agreement] is Signed and Filed!" This message will contain a link to download the fully-signed agreement. Please make sure to save a copy of the agreement for your records; the agreement will only be available for download from the electronic signature service for 30 calendar days.

A note on delegation: if you wish to send the agreement to someone else in your organization for review and/or signature, there are two ways to do so. First, the e-mail message you will receive with the subject line starting with "Please sign JCP" contains another link for delegation. The relevant section reads "If you need to delegate this document to an authorized party for signature, please do not forward this email. Instead, click here to delegate." Second, once you are on the electronic signature page looking at the agreement, you can also delegate by selecting "Someone else should sign" in the "Alternative actions" pull-down menu in the upper left. Either approach will load a form in your web browser where you can specify the e-mail address of the person you want to review and/or sign the agreement, and a box for writing a message to that person. Once you have filled in information for both of these, click the blue "Delegate" button. That person will then receive an e-mail prompt to sign the agreement; please contact that person separately to make sure that he or she is aware that you expect them to review and/or sign an agreement. You may also wish to send that person these instructions.

Instructions for Manual Signature

The default method of JSPA signature is electronic signature. Manual signature is likely to result in a delay between your signing the agreement and completing the process to become a Full Member.
You are strongly encouraged to sign the JSPA electronically. The following instructions are for those who cannot, for whatever reason, sign the JSPA electronically.

After you have filled out the JSPA form and selected "Manual Signature," you will receive an e-mail message with a PDF attachment ready for you to print and sign.

  1. Print the JSPA 2.
  2. Fill out the remaining portion of the JSPA by hand:
    • On page 3, put your initials in the appropriate blank under "Process Cost Sharing". If you are signing for a company, you will want to put initials in the space next to "Commercial Entity." If you are an educational institution or a non-profit entity, you will want to put initials in the space next to "Education, Government, non-profit organization." In any case, you also need to add the following text: "Fee waived per the JCP Program Management Office."

      What are initials?
      "Initials" here means the first letter of your first/given and last/family name. For example, if your name was "John Cooper," your initials would be "JC."

      Here's an example of page 3 filled out as described (click to enlarge):

    • Someone from your organization with signature authority should fill in the blanks on page 10. This is usually not the same person as the Primary Contact, though it certainly can be the same person. Under "Member", "Signature" should have the person's signature. "Name" should contain this person's name, printed legibly."Title" is optional; signers may include their job title or not. "Date" needs to be the date that the agreement was signed.

      Here's an example (click to enlarge):

  3. Submit the completed JSPA to the PMO per the instructions on submitting a manually-signed Agreement. Please make sure to submit all 11 pages back to the PMO. A partial submission or incomplete submission cannot be accepted and will not be processed until it is complete.

If you are unclear about where to put particular information or how to fill out the JSPA, please refer to this sample JSPA.

If you have any questions about filling out an agreement or the Java Community Process in general, please contact the Program Management Office as per the instructions on the PMO contacts page.