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Becoming a JCP Member: Instructions for Organizations

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Membership for organizations

One can join the JCP by joining as a company or organization, or by joining as an individual. Aside from the difference in membership fee there are other significant differences that you should consider. Joining as an organization means that anyone who is employed by the organization can participate in the community and make use of the results of this participation within any projects or product developments at the organization.
Take a look at the reasons why your organization should participate in the JCP program.
Organizations (including JUGs) may become JCP Members by doing all of the following:

  1. Choose the person who will be Primary Contact for your organization to the JCP. The Primary Contact should be the one to follow the rest of these steps.

    What is a Primary Contact?
    The Primary Contact for a JCP Member is the person the PMO will contact to handle any and all administration of that Membership. So, among other things, the Primary Contact:

    • confirms the renewal of the JSPA each year
    • confirms any requests from other users to be covered by your organization's Membership
    • casts your organization's vote in the Executive Committee elections each year
    • maintains the list of people representing your organization

  2. Register for the site if you don't already have an account.
  3. Log on to with your account.
  4. Fill out the JSPA form (Acrobat reader required). For JUGs, the primary contact must provide his/her postal address under "Accounts Payable Contact Address", even though he/she will not be billed.
  5. Submit the JSPA form, which will generate a .pdf file for you to print. Most of the fields will be populated from the form.
  6. Print the resulting .pdf of the JSPA.
  7. Fill out the remaining portion of the JSPA by hand:
    • On page 3, put your initials in the appropriate blank under "Process Cost Sharing". For JUGs, please write "Java User Group" next to "Individual representing self only" and put your initials in the blank provided.

      What are initials?
      "Initials" here means the first letter of your first/given and last/family name. For example, if your name was "John Cooper," your initials would be "JC." Here's an example (click to enlarge):

    • Someone from your organization with signature authority should fill in the blanks on page 10. This is usually not the same person as the Primary Contact, though it certainly can be the same person. Under "Member", "Signature" should have the person's signature. "Name" should contain this person's name, printed legibly."Title" is optional; signers may include their job title or not. "Date" needs to be the date that the agreement was signed. Here's an example (click to enlarge):

  8. Submit the completed JSPA to the PMO per the instructions on submitting a JSPA. Please make sure to submit all 11 pages back to the PMO. Partial submission or incomplete submission cannot be accepted and will not be processed until it is complete.

If you are unclear about where to put particular information or how to fill out the JSPA, please refer to this sample JSPA.

If you have any questions about filling out an agreement or the Java Community Process in general, please contact the Program Management Office as per the instructions on the PMO contacts page.