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JCP Membership Information

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Getting Started as a JCP Member

Now that you are a JCP Member, you may do the following:

  • Submit a new Java Specification Request (JSR)
  • Nominate yourself to serve on a JSR's Expert Group. To do so, find a JSR to which you'd like to contribute (the list of all JSRs is here). If the page still has a link "I would like to join this Expert Group", click it and fill out the resulting form. If the link is not present, the EG is not actively seeking new participants, but you may still fill out the Expert Group nomination form - you should just contact the Spec Lead to make sure that you'd be welcome to join beforehand.
  • With your executed JSPA from the PMO, you also received your Member access info. You may use this information to access Member-only areas of the site:
    1. Community Update pages for JSRs, where Spec Leads post information on their JSRs to the Membership
    2. The Member-private section of TCK Tools area, which includes tools for Spec Leads to develop their own TCKs
    3. Review the minutes of Executive Committee meetings

In addition, your primary contact will be contacted periodically for issues affecting your Membership. Each year the PMO contacts each Member for both the renewal of the Membership and for the annual Executive Committee elections. The EC elections are held in the Autumn of each year, and the Primary Contact is the one who casts the vote for your Membership.

The PMO will occasionally contact the Primary Contact of Member organizations to request a replacement for an expert from that Member who has had to leave an Expert Group, or to get current contact information for an existing expert.

Finally, all contacts for a given Membership will receive periodic e-mail announcements from the JCP. All except the Primary Contact may opt out of receiving these announcements by sending mail to requesting this. Typical announcements are: the monthly JCP newsletter, announcements for JCP Training sessions at conferences around the world, and JCP conference calls open to JCP Members.

Maintaining your JCP Membership

Each JCP Member has one person who is listed as that Member's "Primary Contact" to the JCP. This person is responsible for the maintenance of the JCP Membership for that Member. This usually takes three forms: Membership renewal, maintaining the list of your Member's representatives, and voting in the annual Executive Committee elections.

Membership renewal: The legal agreement that you or your organization signed to become a JCP Member - the Java Specification Participation Agreement (JSPA) - automatically renews every year. As the Primary Contact, you will receive e-mail updates concerning this renewal each year around the month that you or your organization signed the JSPA.

    What you must do to renew:
  • Confirm that the contact information sent in the e-mail reminder is still correct. If it is not, please send a message to with the correct information. NOTE: if you do not respond to your renewal message, your Membership may be cancelled automatically.
  • If you represent an organization, please make sure that your billing/Finance department is aware of the financial commitment to pay the annual process cost sharing fee. If your Membership has such a fee and it is not paid, your Membership will be revoked.
If you do not want to renew, please respond to the renewal e-mail message with your decision to cancel the agreement. See "Cancelling Membership", below.

List of Member Representatives: This consists of three parts: approving new representatives who request to be associated with your Membership, maintaining their contact information, and replacing/removing representatives.

  • Approving Member association requests - As new users register for the site, some of them may be legitimate employees of your organization. They may submit a request to be associated to your Membership. When this happens, an e-mail message is sent to your Member's Primary Contact, asking for the Primary Contact's approval. If the Primary Contact wishes to add the person as a representative of the organization, he'll send a message to the PMO ( explicitly approving the addition. If the PMO does not get that message, the person will not be added as a representative of your Membership.

  • Changing contact information - If you are the Primary Contact to a JCP Member organization, chances are that the contact information for some of your representatives will change over time. One of your organization's representatives may move to another city, or his/her e-mail address changes. When that happens, you should send mail to with the change. Note that representatives on JSR expert groups may also ask their Spec Leads to make this sort of change directly.
  • Replacing representatives - Replacement of Expert Group members must be reported immediately to the Spec Lead and the PMO, providing the new member's name, address, phone and fax. This is an essential action required to retain the integrity of the JSR output and timeline. Your compliance is appreciated. Similarly, if an expert should be removed for any reason - two common ones are: job responsibilities changing, or he/she left the company - please notify the PMO immediately of any changes you require.

Periodically the PMO may contact you directly when we discover that one of your representatives' contact information may be incorrect (when e-mail messages are bouncing, phone calls reveal a line that's out of service, etc). Please provide current contact information for your representatives when asked, or provide a replacement if the representative may not continue in that role.

EC Elections: Every year in late August/early September, you will receive information via e-mail on the upcoming Executive Committee Elections process. As the Primary Contact, you will be the one to cast the vote on behalf of the Member you represent. This information will include a log in and web site URL for posting nominations, casting votes, and reading elections updates.

Cancelling your Membership: You may, at any time, choose to cancel your JCP Membership. When you cancel, keep the following in mind:

  • Cancelling will immediately remove all of your representatives from all JSR Expert Groups. Please make sure that your representatives are aware of this.
  • Cancelling will cause the immediate withdrawal or Spec Lead change of any JSRs that you currently lead. If no one on your Expert Group wishes to take over the role of Spec Lead, the JSR will be withdrawn. If someone on the Expert Group is willing and able, that Member will take over as Spec Lead for the JSR you had led. If your JSR has already produced a Final Release and thus is in the Maintenance stages of the process, the JSR will become dormant, rather than withdrawn.
  • You will still need to pay any outstanding process cost sharing fees as applicable.
  • Any JSRs in which you or your organization participated that produced a Final Release will still have a record of your past participation.
To cancel, simply notify the PMO via e-mail to that you wish to cancel your JCP Membership. The above consequences will come into play immediately.