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JCP Members

Click to see a current list of Java User Group JCP Members.

Below is a list of all current JCP Members, comprised of companies, organizations and individuals, organized alphabetically. Individuals appear in the list sorted by last name. Please click any letter below for a listing of all Members whose names begin with that letter:

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G. Miranda, Filipe
Gaffney, Michael
Gafter, Neal
Galfaso, Lucas
Gambhir, Simran
Gandhe, Abhiram
Gang, Wang
Ganoo, Chaitanya
GAO, Baiyun
Gardner, Ryan
Garg, Mohit
Gauthier, Keith G
Gaydos, Theodore
Gelb, Scott G
Gemalto M2M GmbH
Genidea Sagl
Genius Instituto DE Tecnologia
Gershon, Gary M
Ghosh, Debashish
Giesecke & Devrient GmbH
Ginsberg, Todd
Giotopoulos, Dean
Glahn, Kay Peter
Glance, Dr. David
GlassFish Users Group Japan
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Gomes, Alexandre
Goncalves, Antonio
Gonzalez, Edgart
Google Inc.
Gordeev, Dmitry
Gough, James Paul
Gowadia, Vaibhav
Graciano, Michel
Green Tea JUG
Grev, Mikael
Grimstad, Ivar
Grindei, Manuela
Grob, Reto
Grobmeier, Christian
Gruebsch, Michael
Guerrero, Raul
Guo, Weihua