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Profiles of JCP Program Management Office Staff

The Java Community Process (JCP) program runs smoothly thanks to the dedication of the Program Management Office (PMO) staff. These individuals bring not only a wealth of diverse technical, academic, and personal training and experience to the task of nurturing the community, but they also share a passionate enthusiasm for Java technology and the community that is evolving it.

Naoko Hamamoto

Naoko Hamamoto
Naoko Hamamoto joined the JCP Program Management Office in April 2011 and she has been primarily responsible for managing JCP memberships and renewals. She also runs the annual Executive Committee elections and helps to plan, organize and execute JCP events. She is fluent in Japanese and has given presentations at Japan JUG events. In addition, she provides advice to members through the JCP mailing lists.

Naoko has spent much of her career as a software engineer. She started working with Java in 1997, and it quickly became her favorite programming language. She joined Sun/Oracle in 1998 and began working on the team developing Java Web Server and Message Queue. Then Naoko became a backline technical support engineer for iPlanet Portal Server. Later, she became a globalization engineer and an internationalization/localization consultant - all before joining the JCP as a program manager.

"I enjoy it very much," she says. "I enjoy working with people, and in this position I get to work with all kinds of people - technical, finance, executives - from all over the world."

Naoko enjoys gardening, making her own fruit jams, traveling and spending time with family. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

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