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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
JSR 354: Money and Currency API

Open Nominations

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Approved Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Expert Group Rajmahendra Hegde I was been part of this JSR as a Adopr-A-JSR program. Now i have submitted my ExchibitB so I am resubmitting. Oct 22, 2014 Y Y
Expert Group Manuela Lidia Grindei I am a professional with over 3 years experience in Java development. I have attended a Hackday for this JSR and already have some ideas of possible improvements for this project. The team was very welcoming and friendly and I strongly feel we could collaborate well. Jul 17, 2014 Y Y
Expert Group Otavio Santana Otávio Santana, the otaviojava, is developer and enthusiast about the open source world. He Practices agile' philosophy and polyglot development in Brazil. JUG Leader of JavaBahia also is member of SouJava and Linguagil's Group. Developer in openjdk and JSE plataform, creator of the Apache Easy-cassandra. Speaker in the bigger events about java in brazilian territory also present in java's Community worldwide besides write some article about java, agile and nosql. May 30, 2014 Y Y
Expert Group Mohamed Taman I have at least 8 years expertness in financial services and banking industry, which involves money and currency conversions, transactions, transfer and business security. For more information please visit my electronic biography Nov 18, 2013 Y Y
Expert Group Greg Bakos I'm a well grounded software developer with standard and JEE based Java knowledge. I worked with government portal and online payment systems therefore I'm interested in Java Money subject. It's a really interested topic. I'm based in London. Aug 23, 2013 Y Y
Expert Group Scott James I have worked in CS for > 10 years as a java developer, I have also spend significant time within the FX space as a technical architect Jun 10, 2013 Y Y
Expert Group Thomas Huesler Until lately I was working for Credit Suisse and Expert Group member since the beginning of this JSR. As I left CS I would like to work on the finish of the JSR as a personal member May 23, 2013 Y Y
Expert Group Simon Martinelli I'm working as an architect, developer and trainer in the Java EE environment for more 13 years. Beside my work I'm a lecturer at the university of applied science in Bern, Switzerland. My topics are Java EE architecture and design, JPA and databases. Currently I work for a cash and carry company and therefor currency is a very important part. Jan 7, 2013 Y Y
Expert Group Anatole Tresch Anatole Tresch is one of the leading engineers and framework architects within Credit Suisse. It has decades of Java exoerience in both, small and large enterprise context and is actively driving innovations in Credit Suisse. Anatole is also responsible for the Java based type component libraries, which includes Currency, Amount types as well as according formatting, localization and parsing features. Dec 12, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Sascha Freitag I'm working as Enterprise Architect for Credit-Suisse. I'm dealing with the new tenant concept of the bank, which als includes multi currency support in the applications. Before I was for year's platform lead engineer of the internal java platform (JAP). And resbonsile for the design and maintenance of the frameworks. I will not be able to spend much time, but hope to provide valuable input. Dec 2, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Werner Keil Werner Keil is Build Manager at Maersk after working as Agile Coach, Principal Consultant and Distinct Architect for a Financial Services company and emergn, an Agile consultancy specialized in Value, Flow and Quality. Helping Global 500 Enterprises across industries like Mobile/Telco, Web 2.0, Finance, Travel/Logistics, Automotive, Healthcare, Environment & Public Services, as well as IT vendors like Oracle or IBM. Among his earlier clients are Sony where he designed and implemented micro-format based tags its online music portals. He has worked for more than 22 years as a project manager, software architect, analyst and consultant on leading-edge technologies for Banking, Insurance, Telco/Mobile, Media and Public sector. Werner develops enterprise systems using Java, JEE, Oracle, IBM or Microsoft, does Web design and development using Adobe,Ajax/JavaScript, dynamic or functional languages. Besides working for major companies, he runs his own creative and talent agency Creative Arts & Technologies and in his spare time, runs and supports open-source projects, writes song lyrics, novels, screenplays and technical articles. Werner is Committer at Eclipse Foundation, Babel Language Champion, UOMo Project Lead and active member of the Java Community Process, including Spec Lead of JSR 357 (Social Media) and membership in JSRs like 321 (Trusted Java), 331 (CP), 333 (JCR), 342 (Java EE 7), 344 (JSF 2.2), 346 (CDI 1.1), 348/355 (, 350 (Java State), 351 (Java Identity) or 354 (Money) and the Executive Committee. Nov 15, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Ben D. Cotton III already on EG. Nov 9, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Jeremy Davies 12 years Java development experience primarily in investment banking. Work now split between coding and architecture. Oct 15, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Thomas Huesler I'am a technical architect in the area of Client Trading Systems of Credit Suisse Private Banking. I joined the initial group to form this JSR from beginning on. Mar 3, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Christopher Pheby Currently I am Principal Architect at the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia where I am responsible for a broad range of systems including channels and payments. My past experience includes global logistics, investment banking (cash management and middleware), automated clearing house (greenfield SEPA development) and financial software vendor (including BPM and SWIFT parsing). Throughout my career I have worked with Java. I maintain the Jadira Usertype library for integrating Hibernate with Joda Time, ThreeTen and Joda Money. Feb 25, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Sanjay Nagpal Sanjay Nagpal (Credit Suisse). I work at Credit Suisse - sponsor of JSR 354 in Client Trading Technology - Architecture and Development. We write trading software for financial instruments. Handling of money and currency attributes as part of trading is extremely important to us. Feb 25, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Arumugam Swaminathan I started working in Java in 2000. All these years I have developed various kinds of applications in Java. I keenly follow the development in Java space. Feb 23, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Tony Jewell BSc in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering. Over 30 years of Software Development experience. Feb 23, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Ben Cotton decades experience as IT consultant to financial services industry, including FX and low-latency eTrading. EG member of JSR-156 EG member of JSR-107 Feb 23, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Stephen Colebourne Co-Spec lead of JSR-310, a very similar JSR. Author of Joda-Money, a key design suggestion for the JSR. Feb 23, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Matthias Buecker Born in Osnabrück, Germany Studied Economical Mathematics in Ulm, Germany Ph.D. in Operations Research in Karlsruhe, Germany since 1998 working with Credit Suisse, Zürich, Switzerland working on money transfer and credit applications in Java Feb 23, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Jefferson Prestes I'm JAVA developer for 12 years and I've worked for financial companies. Feb 22, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Bob Lee CTO of Square, a payments processing company Jan 9, 2012 Y Y

Processed Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Expert Group Magesh Kasthuri Working as Technical consultant in Wipro and associated with Credit Suisse account in Wipro for nearly 4 years across Payments, tax, treasury domain. I have worked extensively in various integration areas in JAP and Non-JAP in credit suisse for PKI, LDAP, LARCS, JCB integration with our applications. During my consulting with various assignments in Treasury/FxMP, Payments and Tax domain and during various technical chat with known folks in Zurich, I was aware of Money and currency API design was triggered in CS and I was looking for right contact to get involved into the same to contribute my best for the same. On a personal front, this helps me to understand emerging solution in CS when I am involved in technical design review and consulting with Tax and Payments team. Based on my experiences in Banking domain in designing and developing solutions in banking customers across India, US and Swiss, ,my strong belief is also that the currency and money library/API helps in creating a unique and unified solution for handling various conversion/translation or calculation, Unicode handling, format handling etc., Oct 1, 2013 Y XM
Expert Group Christopher Soanes I have 15 years industry experience and a sharp interest in the Java language. I am particularly interested in the incubation of new features and dissemination of best practice in the realm of software and software development. Jul 24, 2013 Y XM
Expert Group Ted Young Java developer and trainer since 1996. Worked at a variety of companies, from eBay to Google. Currently working at Guidewire Software where we sell software to the largest Property & Casualty Insurance companies in the world. I was the technical lead for the BillingCenter product, which heavily relies on money classes (including currency) that we've internally developed. I'm also a contributor to the FEST testing framework and have written internal code for use in testing our products. Jan 15, 2013 Y XM
Expert Group Heiko Scherrer I'm working for Credit Suisse, but want to join the Expert Group of this JSR as an independent member to see what is already done here and how suitable the Javamoney API will be for programmers. On my OS project I need to deal with similar entities, beside currencies also with UOMs. I understand the complexities to create a simple but powerful API for programmers and additionally the ability to persist those entities. So far I investigated JScience. Nov 7, 2012 Y XM
Expert Group Joshua Seidel I have extensive experience developing in Java and C/C++ the finance industry. My first position was a developer and expert witness on the application that runs the floor and matches for the NYSE. After NYSE, I then spent 10 months for a EMS provider working with clients to develop their trading strategies in java on the platform. I then worked at Goldman Sachs for 3 years on their frontline technology teams for credit and foreign exchange. For the past year and a half I have consulted with proprietary trading firms developing their trading strategies in Java, along with designing and developing the Veritian trading platform in Java. My educational background specifically is focused in this area, with my M.S. in Financial Engineering focused on Computational Finance from Polytechnic Institute of NYU. My B.S. is in Computer Engineering from Polytechnic University. Feb 29, 2012 Y XM
Expert Group Rajmahendra Hegde Rajmahendra is a java developer since 1999. He currently works for Logica as a Project Lead. He is also a Java User Group Lead in JUGChennai, Tamilnadu,India. He encourage JUG to contribute in AdoptAJSR. He and his JUGChennai community like to contribute and support this JSR. Feb 27, 2012 Y XM
Expert Group Ben Evans Extensive experience in the financial industry - including being consulting technical architect in a world number 1 foreign exchange business. Feb 26, 2012 Y XA
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