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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
JSR 62: Personal Profile Specification

Stage Access Start Finish
Maintenance Release Download page 24 Mar, 2006  
Maintenance Draft Review 2 Download page 07 Feb, 2006 13 Mar, 2006
Maintenance Draft Review Download page 08 Nov, 2005 12 Dec, 2005
Final Release Download page 18 Sep, 2002  
Final Approval Ballot View results 03 Sep, 2002 16 Sep, 2002
Proposed Final Draft Download page 22 Jul, 2002  
Public Review Download page 14 Mar, 2002 15 Apr, 2002
Community Draft Ballot View results 27 Nov, 2001 03 Dec, 2001
Community Review Login page 02 Nov, 2001 03 Dec, 2001
Expert Group Formation   10 May, 2000 29 Jul, 2000
CAFE   22 Apr, 2000 09 May, 2000
JSR Approval   15 Apr, 2000 21 Apr, 2000
Status: Maintenance
JCP version in use: 2.6
Java Specification Participation Agreement version in use: 2.0

The J2METM Personal Profile provides the J2ME environment for those devices with a need for a high degree of Internet connectivity and web fidelity.

Please direct comments on this JSR to the Spec Lead(s)

Specification Leads
Star Spec Lead Jon Courtney Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Expert Group
  Espial Group, Inc. Motorola Nokia Corporation
  Philips Electronics UK Ltd Samsung Electronics Corporation Sharp Corporation
  Siemens AG Sun Microsystems, Inc. Symbian Ltd
  WindRiver Systems

NOTICE: Please be aware, this JSR has been replaced (superseded) by a newer JSR, (JSR 217). JSR 62 cannot be used/referenced for Java certifications. All development and certification efforts should be updated to use the current, supported technology.

NOTE that this JSR was developed under JCP 2.1, but moved to JCP 2.6 in the Maintenance process.

Update to the Java Specification Request (JSR)

The change of Specification Lead has resulted in the following change to the original JSR.

Section 1. Identification

Submitting Participant: Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Name of Contact Person: Jonathan Courtney

E-Mail Address:

Telephone Number: +1 408 276 7398

Fax Number: +1 408 276 7201

Original Java Specification Request (JSR)

Identification | Request | Contributions

Section 1. Identification

Submitting Participant: Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Name of Contact Person: Peter Madany

E-Mail Address:

Telephone Number: +1 408 343 1445

Fax Number: +1 408 343 1993

(NOTE that this information has been updated since the original.)

Section 2: Request

2.1 Please describe the proposed Specification:

The J2ME Personal Profile provides the J2ME environment for those devices with a need for a high degree of Internet connectivity and web fidelity. This Profile is intended to provide the next generation of Sun's PersonalJavaTM environment, and as such has the explicit requirement of providing compatibility with applications developed for versions 1.1.x and 1.2.x of the PersonalJava Application Environment Specification.

The J2ME Personal Profile provides a profile of the JavaTM 2 Platform, Micro Edition in devices characterized as follows:

  • 2.5 M minimum ROM available *

  • 1 M minimum RAM available *

  • Robust connectivity to some type of network.

  • Graphical user interface, providing a high degree of web fidelity and the capability of running Java web applets

  • Supporting a complete implementation of the J2ME Foundation Profile (see JSR-000046 J2ME Foundation Profile), and the J2ME Connected Device Configuration (see JSR-000036 J2ME Connected Device Configuration)

* Application and localization memory requirements are additional.

2.2 What is the target Java platform? (i.e., desktop, server, personal, embedded, card, etc.)

Java 2 Micro Edition

2.3 What need of the Java community will be addressed by the proposed specification?

Provide a standard Java 2 Micro Edition profile for devices with relatively limited resources but a need for web fidelity. It will also provide a smooth transition for those utilizing already-existing versions of PersonalJava technology.

2.4 Why isn't this need met by existing specifications?

Existing platforms and specifications are targeted at devices equipped with more memory, more powerful networking capabilities and more capable user interfaces, typically desktop computers.

2.5 Please give a short description of the underlying technology or technologies:

See section 2.1 for expected underlying device technologies.

2.6 Is there a proposed package name for the API Specification? (i.e., javapi.something, org.something, etc.)


2.7 Does the proposed specification have any dependencies on specific operating systems, CPUs, or I/O devices that you know of?

Networking support is required, a hardware user interface capable of supporting GUI functionality and appropriate input mechanisms is required.

2.8 Are there any security issues that cannot be addressed by the current security model?

None identified at this time.

2.9 Are there any internationalization or localization issues?

Requirements to be researched by the expert group developing this specification.

2.10 Are there any existing specifications that might be rendered obsolete, deprecated, or in need of revision as a result of this work?

This specification is intended to supersede Versions 1.1.x and 1.2.x of the PersonalJava Application Environment Specification (as they will be subsumed by this specification).

Section 3: Contributions

3.1 Please list any existing documents, specifications, or implementations that describe the technology. Please include links to the documents if they are publicly available.

For more information about configurations and profiles, please see the J2ME whitepaper. This whitepaper provides a framework but is not an API proposal. The actual Profile will include J2SE-derived classes.

3.2 Explanation of how these items might be used as a starting point for the work.

The J2ME whitepaper provides a framework for defining the goals and scope of the specification.