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Star Spec Lead Program

Spec Leads are key to the Java Community Process (JCP) program. Without them, none of the Java Specification Requests (JSRs) would have begun, much less crossed the finish line and become implemented in shipping products.
The JCP Program Management Office (PMO) introduced at the 2005 JavaOne Conference an incentive program to reward and recognize Spec Leads who have repeatedly proven their merit by producing high quality specifications, establishing best practices, and mentoring others. The point of such honor is to endorse the good work that they do, showcase their methods for current spec leads to emulate, and motivate other JCP program members to become Spec Leads. Here is a list of recent Star Spec Leads.
Star Spec Leads aren't born into the role. They usually grow into it by practicing proven methods, trying new strategies, and learning from mistakes. To encourage greatness in all Spec Leads, the Star Spec Lead Program will be based on the following criteria:
  • Communication within the expert group and with the PMO
  • Promptness in responding to concerns expressed by the expert group, PMO, and Executive Committee (EC)
  • Leading of expert group meetings and sharing of Java Specification Request (JSR) comments on a regular basis
  • Leadership and team performance
  • Ability to stay on schedule, update the schedule, and make progress on the JSR
  • Efforts at transparency and issuing JSR progress reports through the use of tools such as the JCP community pages, observer aliases, or using tools such as the JSR community
Tangible benefits accompany status as a JCP program Star Spec Lead:
  • Invitation to dinners and gatherings at JCP program training and events where techie celebrities are scheduled to appear for personal interactions
  • The Star Spec Lead icon appears on the Spec Lead's JSR detail pages and the List of All JSRs page, as well as next to their name on their project page if actively using the JSR Community on
  • Bio and photo become part of the JCP program Community Focus series
  • Preferential treatment when it comes to JCP program marketing and Public Relations (PR) support
    • Participation in feature articles on, success stories, and case studies, as well as articles that the PMO contributes to Java developer publications
    • Speaking opportunities at JCP EC meetings, industry and developer events the JCP program is hosting or participating (demonstrations, technical sessions, panel discussions, etc), and briefings with the media and analyst communities
    • Opportunities to pitch their JSRs to the media for coverage when participating in Round Tables with members of the press and industry analysts
  • Appreciation gifts (cool stuff!) for appearances and participation
Congratulations to the Spec Leads who are considered stars by the community.
Please email the PMO with any questions about becoming part of this program. Spec Leads are selected based on the results of a poll of Expert Group (EG) members, Executive Committee (EC) members, and PMO staff.
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