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Let's Celebrate 25 Years of JCP with Your Java User Groups!

Thank you for requesting a JCP JUG Kit for your JUG. Once you receive your JUG Kit, follow the instructions below to plan and host an anniversary event with your JUG.

If your JUG is not a Partner Member of the JCP program yet, we highly encourage you to join us today!

See the benefits of the free membership for your JUG.

After you receive your JUG Kit
  • Host an in-person event to celebrate the JCP 25-year anniversary. Use the table cloth or poster included in the JUG Kit to make it celebratory!
  • Play the message from Heather VanCura, the JCP Chairperson.
  • Play the JCP 25-year anniversary commemorative video.
  • Share the 25-year special goods with your fellow JUG members.
  • Offer the raffle prize to a lucky winner.
  • Tweet/post on X pictures of the event and tag @jcp_org and use the #25YearsOfJCP hashtag. Alternatively, send us the pictures that can be shared on social media directly to
  • Spread the word and have fun!

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