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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
Executive Committee JSR Voting Summary

Each JSR's page has a link to the voting results page for any completed EC Ballots in its Status Table. For quick reference, however, this page contains a list of all the ballots on which the EC has already voted this year, organized first by Executive Committee and then by type of EC ballot. Following the links for the JSRs listed below will take you to the corresponding voting results page for the EC Ballot for that JSR's stage. Each voting results page has a link to the JSR's main page as well. In addition, the EC occasionally votes on special ballots. Those are recorded on the Special Ballots page.

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Year Selected: 2010

ME EC Voting ResultsSE/EE EC Voting Results

Final Approval Ballot

JSR Approval Ballot

Public Draft Specification Approval Ballot

Public Draft Specification Reconsideration Ballot

Final Approval Ballot