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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
JSR 393: JavaTM SE 18

Open Nominations

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Processed Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Expert Group Asha Somayajula Experienced technical background with over 16 yrs experience working with advanced web application development tools such as Java 1.8+, Spring 4.0 +. Currently I am a Lead software development engineer, Mastercard leading the development for the GRP loyalty rewards platform. Patent awards/submissions: Method and system for using AI for payment mechanisms for transactions Method and system for using AI for rewards, campaigns and surveys. Open Source contributor: @springframework, @springboot @junit, @prestosql or @trinodb , projects Author: kdash a cli dashboard for kubernetes in rust lang. Conferences: Presenter at the CMG Conference at Las Vegas in Feb?20 for a paper on using AI for automated builds and pipelining. Presenter at the STL JUG and Women who code (WWC) organization for the AI automated builds and pipelining paper. Attended the Strata Data Conference at NYC this year on Data and ML/AI. Finalist - first draft for the AI competition at Mastercard, for AI Bots. Certification: ? Sun Certified Java2 Professional, ITIL ? Advanced Security Certificate ? Stanford University SCPD Software Security Foundations Using Cryptography Correctly Mobile Security Writing Secure Code Exploiting and Protecting Web Applications ? Converting strategy into action - Stanford University ? Leadership for strategic execution - Stanford University ? Was awarded the Google Challenge Scholarship in 2018. ? MIT Machine Learning : From Data to decisions ? Foundations in Data Science - Stanford University (SCPD) ? Applied Deep Learning Boot Camp - MIT (in person) ? CNCF - Cloud Foundry for Developers (LFD232) ? Microsoft Azure AZ-900 Microsoft Azure fundamentals ? Software architecture principles and practices - Carnegie Mellon University Linkedin: Nov 16, 2021 - XM
Expert Group fabio Braga Com 12 anos de experiência em análise e desenvolvimento de sistemas JAVA baseados nas plataformas J2EE. Atuo com análise de requisitos, correção dos artefatos da UML (Casos de uso, Atividades, Modelo de dados). Conhecimentos sólidos em Java EE, JSP, Servlets, EJB 2.0, JSTL, TagLib, JavaScript e UML.  Participei de projetos Web para instituições financeiras e Empresas como: ? Banco do Brasil ? Petrobras ? Embratel ? Light ? ONS - Operador Nacional de Sistema Elétrico entre outros. Experiência com Oracle, MySQL e DB2.  Ferramentas: Eclipse, Jdeveloper e RAD. 20 Oct 2021: Decline notice sent Oct 15, 2021 N XM
    Spec Lead Vote Legend:
    -Not yet reviewed/pending - The Spec Lead has not processed this nomination
    PProcessing - The Spec Lead has seen the nomination and needs more time to arrive at a decision
    NNo - The Spec Lead has decided that this nominee should not be on the JSR
    YYes - The Spec Lead wants the nominee on the JSR

    PMO Vote Legend:
    -The PMO has not yet voted on this nomination
    PProcessing - The nominee can not yet participate on this JSR, but the legal agreements are being processed
    IIncomplete, Illegible, or Inaccurate nomination
    XAMissing required agreement to participate on this JSR - Addendum (ECA) Required
    XMMissing required agreement to participate on any JSR - Not a JCP Member
    XNot able to be on a JSR - The PMO has determined that this person cannot be on this JSR
    YYes - The PMO views this as a valid nomination with a current Membership in place