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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
JSR 925: JavaBeansTM Activation Framework 1.1

Stage Access Start Finish
Maintenance Review Ballot View results 18 Apr, 2017 01 May, 2017
Maintenance Draft Review 2 Download page 30 Mar, 2017 12 Apr, 2017
Maintenance Release Download page 08 May, 2006  
Maintenance Draft Review Download page 24 May, 2005 27 Jun, 2005
Status: Active
JCP version in use: 2.10
Java Specification Participation Agreement version in use: 2.0

JavaBeans Activation Framework 1.1 proposes a few minor changes to the JAF APIs to address the most commonly requested enhancements.


Specification Leads
Star Spec Lead William Shannon Oracle
Expert Group
: William Shannon

This is the Maintenance of the JAF specification.

This JSR moved to JCP 2.10 with Maintenance Review 2 in March 2017.