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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
JSR 919: JavaMailTM

Stage Access Start Finish
Maintenance Release 2 Download page 10 Jun, 2013  
Maintenance Draft Review 3 Download page 14 Feb, 2013 18 Mar, 2013
Maintenance Release Download page 02 May, 2006  
Maintenance Draft Review 2 Download page 04 Aug, 2005 06 Sep, 2005
Maintenance Draft Review Download page 21 Mar, 2002 22 Apr, 2002
Status: Maintenance
JCP version in use: 2.6
Java Specification Participation Agreement version in use: 2.0

A description of the new APIs that are being introduced in JavaMail.

Please direct comments on this JSR to the Spec Lead(s)

Specification Leads
Star Spec Lead William Shannon Oracle
Expert Group

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