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JSR-000009 Federated Management Architecture Specification

JSR-000009 Federated Management Architecture Specification
(Public Review is open until Monday December 13, 1999)

This draft is available for Public Review as per Section 7 of the Java Community Process.


The Federated Management Architecture (FMA) specifies a Java™ technology-based component architecture that is useful for creating management frameworks. FMA components, called FederatedBeans™ components, are designed to be dynamically distributed across a network or systems management solution using the dynamic code mobility aspects of Java technology. These components work cooperatively to execute management operations using the distributed object mechanisms built into the Java platform. FederatedBeans components leverage these features of Java technology to enable the easy creation of management applications that solve the problems of configuring, monitoring, diagnosing, and troubleshooting network devices, systems, storage, and software in an intelligent and automated fashion.

FederatedBeans components can also work together with other Java components in a management framework. A management framework using the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition architecture for creating Enterprise JavaBeans™ (EJB) components for database- and directory-intensive operations in a management server, can also use FederatedBeans components to distribute non-container-based management operations elsewhere in the management solution. For example, while network topology databases and event logs might be stored in an EJB-based management server, management logic such as policy enforcement, polling, and event handling may be distributed closer to the managed device using FederatedBeans components.


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Note: This specification was originally code-named "StoreX" and then briefly "Jiro". The final name of the specification has been chosen to be "Federated Management Architecture".

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