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Micro Edition EC Elections, 2001

Micro Edition EC

By John Bacon

Anthony Scian

Anthony Scian, Research in Motion
RIM's representative is Anthony Scian, who is involved in the tools and VM group responsible for providing Java environment on the latest RIM wireless email devices. RIM is the manufacturer and software supplier for the BlackBerry email solution. The company sees the ECs as an important part of "leveling the playing field" in the Java world, Scian says. And he says that another term for RIM will help provide vital continuity on the EC, important for longer-term priorities like the JSPA and JSR trademark issues.

"RIM's commitment to Java is for the long-term and, as such, our involvement in the EC is important for our standing in the Java community," he says. The early years of Java and the JCP were Sun-centric, he says, but the system is evolving to a more distributed community process. "Sun deserves praise for its support of this initiative," Scian says.

He says it is important in these challenging economic times for IT departments to realize that, by signing up as observers, they can use the JCP program as a way to keep abreast of the latest Java technology. And he notes that contributions can be made by any JCP member via community and public reviews.

"Membership in an Expert Group or becoming a spec lead are also ways a person can participate directly in the evolution of Java," Scian says. "This provides a wide spectrum of opportunity for a JCP member to give and take as little or as much as their corporate environment allows. This flexibility is important as economic times change."

As for the future, Scian says that the J2ME is past the early stages of organization and growth. "Now we should see vast improvements in the Java Development Environments for small devices. This will lead to growth in the J2ME developer community and the proliferation of innovative Java J2ME applications," he says.

Ron Workman, Insignia Solutions

Insignia Solutions is represented by Ronald Workman, senior vice president of marketing. Insignia is a leading provider of accelerated Java software solutions that dynamically optimize the use of available system resources. The Jeode platform enables accelerated Java functionality on information appliances. In addition to the day-to-day business of marketing and evolving Insignia's Jeode product line, Workman is responsible for identifying and nurturing strategic business opportunities and analyzing industry and market trends. Returning to the EC is important for Insignia, he says.

"We have a responsibility to our user community to ensure proper development of various Java technology standards such as CDC and Foundation Profile, as well as to Insignia and its shareholders to ensure sustained market growth based on the evolution and adoption of new embedded Java technologies," Workman says.

He emphasizes that the goal of the JCP program is to define standard Java environments and APIs for a range of computing devices. "By leveraging these standards, IT departments get the benefits of many industry experts contributing to the standardization process," Workman said. "And applications developed to these standards will be assured of the greatest platform support, a Java-knowledgeable IT workforce, and long-term application maintainability."

In addition to serving on the EC, Insignia participates in various Java expert groups, such as MID next generation and CLDC next generation, that are formed to define the various JSRs that are relevant to Insignia markets.

Yuji Kohga, Sony

Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, game, communications and information technology products.

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