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Micro Edition EC Elections, 2001

Micro Edition EC

By John Bacon

Marion Lineberry Marion Lineberry, Texas Instruments

Marion Lineberry, representing Texas Instruments, directs software R&D for TI's Wireless Terminals Business Unit in Dallas. He has been involved in all aspects of Java platform development for wireless and consumer devices for the past five years and has more than 20 years of experience in developing and managing object-oriented software technology.

"It is very important to create an open software platform for wireless services, and Java and J2ME are critical components of this platform," Lineberry says. He says that since TI invests and participates in most of the underlying technologies and standardization activities that impact J2ME developments, the company necessarily plays an important role in providing the advanced features and functionality upon which new wireless services are based. "This places us in a unique position to advise and help guide the creation of the software platforms that will expose these features to J2ME application developers," Lineberry says. For J2ME to ultimately succeed, he says it must provide a stable and consistent software platform in a timely manner.

That is no small order given that J2ME tries to cover a such diverse set of technologies delivered to a wide range of markets. "Representing a company that is heavily involved in many of the technologies and markets that impact J2ME development, my primary role is providing perspective on the common software requirements and maturity of these technologies and markets," Lineberry says. "This will help build stability and consistency of the J2ME platform and determine the speed that JSRs should be driven through the process." Lineberry says that another major role is encouraging participation in the JCP by others based on associations in developing standards in 3GPP, ITU, IEEE and similar organizations.

Tim Rahrer

Tim Rahrer, Zucotto Wireless

The representative for Zucotto Wireless, Tim Rahrer, is director of technology. Zucotto is a world leader in merging wireless connectivity with Java technology to create unique processor-core-based products. XPRESSOcore is Zucotto's flagship line of Java technology-based processors. Rahrer is the man behind Zucotto's technology vision, intellectual property portfolio and industry standards portfolio. His most recent projects have focused on user-interface technologies and services delivery architectures using Java technology for embedded devices on IP wire and wireless networks.

"In the first year of our EC participation, we saw first hand the important role EC members play in the evolution of both the Java platform and the JCP program," Rahrer says. "So we are very enthusiastic about the opportunity to continue contributing in this area." He says that Zucotto has built a worldwide reputation for accelerating Java applications in processor cores for mobile devices.

"The JCP program is a key element in the evolution and industry-wide adoption of the J2ME platform, and therefore to the success of our products." Rahrer says. Zucotto remains committed to ensuring that the process of creating new Java specifications and updating the platforms remains open, fair, and responsive to the needs of the industry. In addition, he said he will work with the J2ME EC to ensure the ME platform continues to be the preferred method for creating compelling applications for small, mobile devices.

"As the economic climate tightens, it's even more important to create clear, comprehensive, compact, and reliable standards to reduce the risk of introducing new products and services," he says. "As companies are looking for faster time to market and ROI, the standards process must keep pace by continuing to evolve quickly. The EC and the JSR expert groups need to continue to quickly address the evolving needs of the industry."

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