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Change Log for JSR-000907 Java Transaction API

Change Log for JSR-000907 JavaTM Transaction API

This page details the proposed, accepted and deferred changes to JSR 907, documenting the changes that will go into the next revision, per Section 3.6.2 of the JCP 2.10 document.

Last updated: 29 March 2018


Maintenance Review 6, approved on 16 February 2018:
List of proposed changes
Maintenance Review 5, approved on 16 April 2013:, "support for container-managed transactions independent of (decoupled from) EJB", "TransactionScope annotation for CDI bean scope/lifecycle", "Define timing of delist/end in relation to beforeCompletion
The JTA Project page can be found here
The JTA specification (containing change history for JTA 1.2) and Javadoc can be found here
Maintenance Review 4, approved on 6 December 2005
Maintenance Review 3, approved on 7 September 2005
Errata to the JTA 1.0.1 Specification, approved on 6 November 2001
Errata to the JTA 1.0 Specification, approved on 19 August 2000

"How do I maintain Transaction log by Eclipse link 2.0"
"portable way to restore XAResources"
"support explicit ordering of commits for XAResources enlisted in a transaction" "Clarify transaction interactions/restrictions in TX Synchronization callbacks"