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JSR-000364 Broadening JCP Membership - Maintenance Review 2

JSR-000364 Broadening JCP Membership
(Close of Maintenance Review 2: 12 October 2017)

This draft is available for Maintenance Review as per section 3.6.2 of the Java Community Process, version 2.10.

Comments should be submitted to the public group:

Broadening JCP Membership Maintenance Review:

We include the following items for the JSR 364, JCP 2.10.2 Maintenance Review:

- Add language that Spec Leads should use collaborative methods for RI development.
- Add language that Spec Leads should provide access to the TCK to JSR Expert Group Members and Contributors for examination purposes only.
- Add language that Spec Leads should specify Terms of Use for their JSR collaboration projects that comply with the JSPA.
- Add language that allows redistribution of the Process Document.
- Maintenance Lead specify at Maintenance Release whether future changes are expected.
- Add language around transparency of MR in Maintenance Review process.
- Ease the transition of a JSR from one Spec Lead to another.
- Normalize review periods to days, and revised times for JSR Review Milestones - change to minimum of 14 days for EDR and PR (we have a 15-day minimum already for JSR Review and MR).
- Allow EDR and PR times to start once PMO announces a link available.
- Reduce EC ballots from 14 to 7 days, and reduce minimum times to provide updates to drafts for EC votes (PR and MR).
- Correct reference to 'one or both Executive Committees.'

View the change log to read the revised JCP document that incorporates these changes.

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