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Change Log for JSR-000364

Change Log for JSR-000364 Broadening JCP Membership

This page details the proposed, accepted and deferred changes to JSR 364, documenting the changes that will go into the next revision, per section 3.6.2 of the JCP 2.10 document.

Last updated: 30 October 2017


Maintenance Review 2, approved on 31 October 2017:
Revised JCP Document with changes marked with red lines
Revised JCP Document
Maintenance Review 1 of JSR 364, accepted on 6 September 2016:
Change to update section 3.7 of JCP document; it should read:
"The EC is composed of 25 Java Community Process Members whose seats are allocated as follows: 16 Ratified Seats, 6 Elected Seats, and 2 Associate Seats, plus one permanent seat held by Oracle. (Oracle's representative must not be a member of othe PMO.) The EC is led by a non-voting Chair from the PMO."
Revised JCP document
Revised JCP document with line numbers
Revised JCP document with changes marked with red lines