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JSR-000901 Java Language Specification - Maintennace Review

JSR-000901 JavaTM Language Specification
(Close of Maintenance Review: 5 April 2000)

This draft is available for Maintenance Review as per Section 11 of the Java Community Process.

The draft Java Language Specification, Second Edition presented here includes all changes, clarifications, and amendments made to the Java programming language since the publication of the Java Language Specification, First Edition in 1996.

Of particular note is the full integration of the changes made in the 1.1 release of the Java platform into the specification, especially nested classes and interfaces and floating-point semantics.

This draft focuses exclusively on the Java programming language. Library and tool specifications included in the First Edition now exist separately and are no longer included with the language specification.

Draft of the Java Language Specification, Second Edition: Download

Note to Reviewers from the Authors: We are aware of a fair number of typographical problems in the draft, such as blank pages or inconsistent page numbers. Reviewers should not be inordinately concerned with these issues. Rather, we are most interested in comments on the substance of the specification and the quality and clarity of presentation. We regret that the current draft does not contain an index. Rest assured that the final version will.

All revisions are marked by change bars relative to the First Edition. Please send comments to by April 5, 2000.

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