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JCP EC Meeting Minutes: August 8, 2023

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
for August 8, 2023


August 8, 2023





Tuesday, August 8, 2023
  • Heather VanCura

Executive Committee

  • Services - Volker Simonis - present
  • Alibaba - Sanhong Li - present
  • ARM - Stuart Monteith - present
  • Azul Systems – Simon Ritter - present
  • BellSoft - Aleksei Voitylov - present
  • BNY Mellon - Chandra Guntur, Rodrigo Granciano - present
  • Eclipse Foundation - Ivar Grimstad, Thabang Mashaoogu - present
  • Ken Fogel - not present
  • Fujitsu - Kenji Kazumura - present
  • IBM - Tim Ellison, Gireesh Punathil - present
  • Intel - Steve Dohrmann - present
  • JetBrains - Mala Gupta - present
  • Microsoft - Martijn Verburg - present
  • MicroDoc - not present
  • Oracle - Anish Karmarkar, Luke Kowalski, Georges Saab - present
  • SAP SE - Martin Doerr, Christoph Langer - present
  • SouJava - Bruno Souza - present
  • Miro Wengner - present

Total Attendance: 16 of 18 voting members

Since 75% of the EC's voting members were present, the EC was quorate for this session.


The EC Standing Rules state the following penalties for non-attendance at EC meetings (note that those who participate in face-to-face meetings by phone are officially counted as absent):

  • Missing two meetings in a row results in a loss of voting privileges until two consecutive meetings have been attended.

  • Missing five meetings in a row, or missing two-thirds of the meetings in any consecutive 12-month period results in loss of the EC seat.

There are no changes in voting privileges as a result of this meeting.

Personnel Changes/EC Elections

New Eclipse EC alternate representative, Thabang Mashologu added as alternate. Heather shared details for the upcoming 2023 JCP EC Elections (see the presentation for details).

EC Stats

Heather presented the usual EC stats (see the presentation for details).

Iris Clark presented on the Java SE Platform JSR Updates. She reviewed the contents of JSR 396, Java SE 21, scheduled for the ballot in August 2023 (see the presentation for details).

Java in Education

Heather reviewed the summary of discussions in the Java in Education. We reviewed that EC Members can use the social media template to promote the importance and need for Java developers, and to spread the word about Java in Education for JUG leaders. There are several resources on how Java is being used in industry published on the GitHub wiki.

Heather leads a monthly discussion with Java User Group (JUG) leaders to discuss the workshops they are organizing in their local communities and provide guidance and best practices. We added the Machine/AI Workshop based on JSR 381, Visual Recognition Specification, train the trainer video to the wiki page.

Other Business – September EC Meeting and 2024 Calendar

Heather reviewed the plans for our 2023 face to face meeting in New York City scheduled for September 14, as well as some preliminary information on the ancillary events such as the combined Java User Group meeting on September 13, and our remaining meeting dates for 2023. She also reminded EC Members that the EC Meeting is mandatory, but the ancillary events are optional.

Next Meeting

  • September 14, 2023 8 AM - 5 PM Eastern Time, Face to Face at BNY Mellon NYC Offices