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At the heart of the JCP community are its members.
As a tribute to their contribution we are launching this new section in which we are planning to highlight members' accomplishments and thoughts about the JCP program.

David Nuescheler

David Nuescheler  
David Nuescheler filler
"The Star Spec Lead program is a great platform for exchanging experiences between Spec Leads, probably the best way to learn how to run a JSR. Originally, I had many questions where it would have been great to be able to turn to other Spec Leads and ask them how they successfully handled similar situations. Luckily, I had a chance to talk to other 'Star' Spec Leads at the time, but it would certainly have been convenient to have them labeled and organized. Bottom line, I think it is a great idea and program and I am very honored to be part of it."

David Nuescheler is Chief Technology Officer for Day. He is responsible for technology strategy for the company and ongoing product development. David joined Day in 1994 and is key to the growth of the company from a small multimedia agency to a leading enterprise content management solution company. He created the basic concept for the original Communiqu? and has guided product development to create a truly advanced content unification and presentation platform. He specializes in application and systems programming, as well as Internet programming.

He is the spec lead of JSR 170, Content Repository for Java Technology API and of JSR 283, Content Repository for Java Technology API Version 2.0

In 2007 David was nominated by the JCP Program for the Most Outstanding Spec Lead Award for his JSR 283 work.

Of his nomination Nuescheler noted, "I'm honored to be recognized by the JCP Program [...] and I'm committed to producing an implementation-independent API enabling easy access to content regardless of platform, or where it resides within a repository."

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