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Spec Lead Guide: An example of Expert Group Transparency requirements
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JCP 2.8 contains a number of required measures to ensure transparency of the operation of the Expert Group. JCP 2.8 JSR Specification Leads are free to come up with their own implementations of these requirements, but one way of doing them is to create a project on for the JSR. This page explains how to do this.

First, go to and either log on or click the 'join now' link to create an account for yourself.

Creating the project

Having logged in, click the "Create a project" link in the left nav bar. Review the Project Approval Requirements, and then click the "Create Project form" link. Provide name, title, and description of your project, and then make sure to include "jcp" and "jsr###" in the tags for your project (where ### is your JSR number). Select the applicable license(s) and submit the "I Accept. Create My Project" button to accept the Terms of Use and create your project.

Mailing list set-up

Go to your new project's page, then click "Manage this Project." Click on the 'Mailing Lists' link in the left sidebar. Add a mailing list with the display name 'Expert Group Mailing List,' the name 'jsr###-experts' (where ### is the JSR number), and the send scheme to 'restricted to local domain and subscribers.' Then choose 'set role permissions' and disable 'compose on the web' and 'subscribe to list' for users in the 'Observer' role.
Add a mailing list with display name 'Observers Mailing List,' the name 'jsr###-observers', the send scheme to 'restricted to local domain and subscribers,' and change the default role permissions to allow Unregistered to join the list.
Set the role permissions for these lists such 'View List' and 'View Archive' are marked as checked for the 'Unauthenticated' role.
Click on the 'view list subscribers' link for the 'jsr###-experts' mailing list and add the Observers mailing list ('jsr###-observers@[project name]') as a subscriber.
Under 'Manage List,' configure the lists to 'Add Prefix to Email Subject' so that people can easily filter messages in their mailers. Using the list names (jsr###-experts and jsr###-observers, respectively) as each list's prefix is recommended.
Finally, you should customize the welcome e-mail message.

Issue Tracker set-up

Go to your new project's page, then click "Manage this Project." Click on the "Features" tab. Add a JIRA instance for your Issue Tracker.

EG document archive set-up

Add a downloads area with display name 'Downloads', choose as default sort column 'date.' You can then click on 'set role permissions' and enable 'download files' for a subset of users - we recommend all users down to 'Observer' (not for 'Unregistered' or 'Unauthenticated').

Wiki top page set-up

Create a WikiHomePage so that when people visit the project on they will see a customized page rather than the default. This page should contain explicit pointers to all the other features which you've already created (mailing lists, document archive, Issue Tracker), as well as a link to the JSR detail page (, where ### is the JSR number).

Project icon

In the manage project / image tab:

* if you have a better icon than the default one, upload it

Making the project public projects start out as private. Once you've verified the project is set up correctly, send mail to and ask to make the project public.

The PMO welcomes suggestions and requests from the Spec Leads for improvements of this guide and the process: