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FAQ: JSR 306: Towards a new version of the JCP

What is JSR 306 ?

Java Specification Request (JSR) 306 is a process change proposal for a variety of adjustments to the JCP. For a detailed review of the proposal click on the link to the public page of this JSR.

Is JSR 306 the first process change JSR ?

No, there have been other process JSRs based on which changes to the JCP were implemented until now. JSR 913 led to JCP 2.1, JSR 99 created JCP 2.5 and the current Java Specification Participation Agreement(JSPA), and JSR 215 gave us the current version JCP 2.6. The JCP is a program that uses the same JSR process in place for developing Java technology standards as a mechanism to evolve itself.

What do you expect the scope of the JSR to be ?

JSR 306 proposes a process change that targets:
  • allowing non-Java implementations of JSRs
  • ability to create liaisons with other organizations
  • easing migration of existing technologies towards a standard
  • TCK availability and licensing

How about impact ?

The anticipated impact of JSR 306 is
  • broader access to and use of Java standards by non-Java environments
  • enhanced participation in the JCP program
  • optimization of transparency of the process
  • optimization of pace of development

Is this JSR going to introduce JCP 2.7 or JCP 3.0 ?

JSR 306 is in very early development stages and it's premature to say. The course of development will indicate whether the changes will be of a nature to warrant the ?JCP 3.0? naming versus ?JCP 2.7?.

When was the JSR proposed ?

JSR 306 proposal was submitted to the JCP on Sept. 19, 2006.

Who initiated the JSR ?

Sun Microsystems introduced the JSR proposal and has taken the role of Spec Lead.

Who is involved in the development of the JSR ?

In addition to Sun as Spec Lead, the members of the two Executive Committees (EC) of the JCP are involved, they make up the Expert Group of the JSR and assist the lead in the development of the process specification.

What is the development road map of JSR 306 ?

The development road map of JSR 306 is presented on the JSR public page and targets an aggressive schedule:
  • - JSR submittal: Late September / Early October 2006
  • - Early Draft Review: December 2006
  • - Public Draft Review: February 2007
  • - Proposed Final Draft: April 2007
  • - Final Approval Ballot: May 2007

What stage is the JSR at now ?

At the time of the writing of this FAQ the JSR is on target just past JSR Approval Ballot (Oct.3).