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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JavaOneSM Developer Conference - June 4, 2001 The Program Management Office (PMO) of the Java Community ProcessSM program today launched its new web site - at, the premier online resource for the members of the Java Community Process program and for anyone with an interest in the Java Community Process program.

With an improved look and feel, better site organization and unified terminology that streamline navigation, the site gives its users access to fundamental information: how to become a member and membership benefits; Java Community Process program governing documents; activity updates from the Java Community Process program PMO and the Executive Committees; JCP elections results during Executive Committees election campaigns; dedicated Java specifications navigation functions that allow users to view, comment on and track Java specifications moving through the process by stage, technology or by Executive Committee; password protected home pages for each Java specification that the expert group leads can update to help with communication among expert group members, post drafts, etc.; a hosted mail list archive tool for each expert group to use to communicate with each other; new "first timer" section to assist first time users to move around the site and familiarize themselves with functionalities and services.

" is the strong virtual foundation we need for maintaining a vibrant Java developer community on the web", said Jim Van Peursem, Chief Architect, J2ME platform, Motorola. "It fulfills a crucial role for the Java Community Process program. It is the premier vehicle through which the Java Community Process program engages in its ongoing open dialogue with the Java technology developer community. The new version offers enhanced free support services and more resources for Java specification request leads and developers using Java technology."

"BEA welcomes the availability of the website as the latest step in the evolution of an open Java standards process," said Scott Dietzen, CTO of the BEA E-Commerce Server Division. "By offering the tools developers need to create and maintain quality standards, the Java community can be assured that Java technology will continue to evolve as the platform of choice for e-Commerce. Today more than 250,000 developers and 1900 partners are using BEA WebLogic, the market-leading eBusiness platform, a testament to Java technology adoption and BEA's leading role in the industry." Launches New Free Service for JCP Members and Expert Groups

In an effort to offer members of the Java Community Process program and Java Community Process program expert groups on-going support to carry out their Java specification development activity, the Java Community Process 2.0 initiative provides them with new free service from The service comprises a new set of tools for the Java Community Process program Expert Groups for creating Technology Compatibility Kits (TCK). The TCKs are test suites and tools used to test products for compatibility with Java technology specifications. This new service includes:

  • technology documentation that describes compatibility testing;
  • JavaTestTM harness which includes features such as scheduling, reporting, monitoring and analysis of test suites;

The new set of tools can considerably reduce the time and effort the expert groups are investing developing Java Technology Compatibility Kits. They now have the advantage of a fully featured test framework that has the capability to execute device or technology specific tests and other tools to help them design test cases. The net advantage for the expert groups is that they can now fully concentrate on developing test cases to ensure that implementations are compliant to the specification under test.

The set of tools also includes a Java Technology Test Suite Development Guide, a presentation of the basics about compatibility testing for the Expert Group specification leads and others interested in learning more about compatibility testing. The set of tools is now available as a download from the

Don't miss the Java Community Process program's press event at Sun's JavaOneSM Developer Conference on Wednesday, June 6 to find out directly from the Java Community Process program Executive Committee members about the latest from the Java Community Process and about the content rich Java technology specifications that are currently being developed!

Members of the Java Community Process program are invited to attend the Java Community Process Member Event on Tuesday, June 5 to hear the latest from the Java Community Process PMO and to meet the Executive Committee members.

About the Java Community ProcessSM (JCP) Program

Since its introduction in 1995 as the open, inclusive process to develop and revise Java technology specifications, reference implementations, and technology compatibility kits, the Java Community Process program has fostered the evolution of the Java platform in cooperation with the international Java developer community. More than 120 Java technology specifications are in development in the Java Community Process program, which has over 350 company and individual participants.

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