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JCP Chair To Present at SouJava's Cafe Brasil Event, How Open Standards and Their Compatible Implementation Lead to Success

The Java Community Process (JCP) program announced today that SouJava, the Brazilian Java Users Society, has joined its ranks. The first Java Users Group (JUG) to join the JCP program, SouJava includes Java users and Java evangelists from Brazil whose objectives are to strengthen, expand and professionalize the use of Java technology in the country.

With SouJava now a member of the community, the JCP program's already established global reach expands considerably to include the largest and most active JUG in Brazil. To learn more about the JCP program and SouJava's recent joining of the community make sure you participate at Cafe Brasil, a two-day technical event, on April 7-8, 2005, in Brasilia, Brazil. The JCP program is a proud sponsor of Cafe Brasil at the diamond level.

Don't miss the presentation by Onno Kluyt, senior director, JCP Program, Sun Microsystems and JCP Chair:

WHEN: April 7, 2005, 10:00 AM ? 10:30 AM
WHERE: Hotel Blue Tree Park Bras?lia SHTN Trecho 01 Cj 1B - Bloco C, CEP: 70800-200 - Bras?lia ? DF
WHAT: ?Java Communities and Networking - How Open Standards and their compatible implementation -- both Open Source and Closed Source -- are leading to success?

Also plan to attend the executive panel and Q&A session following this morning presentation which feature James Gosling, the Father of Java, and Vice-President, Sun Microsystems, Onno Kluyt, senior director, JCP Program, Sun Microsystems and JCP Chair, Dabolir Topic, Kaffe VM Project, Geir Magnusson Jr., Vice-President, Apache Software Foundation and ASF representative to the JCP Executive Committee and S?rgio Amadeu, President of ITI (National Institute of Information Technology).

** About the Java Community Process **

Since its introduction in 1998 as the open, inclusive process to develop and revise Java technology specifications, reference implementations, and technology compatibility kits, the Java Community Process program has fostered the evolution of the Java platform in cooperation with the international Java developer community. The JCP has over 850 company and individual participants; more than 250 Java technology specifications are in development in the JCP program, of which 46 percent are in final stages. For more information on the JCP program, please visit