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Sessions at the JavaOne 2009 Conference
Java Micro Edition
Java Enterprise Edition Sessions
Java Standard Edition Sessions

The eighteen sessions that target Java Micro Edition (ME), include a panel, two labs, four BOFs, and eleven technical sessions. These cover a range of technologies that run the gamut of topics such as controlling timing issues, building user interfaces, and making medical measurements.

First up on Tuesday morning, June 2, are a lab and technical session. In Hall E 130-131 at 10:50 am, David Holmes and Frederic Parain of Sun Microsystems are leading a two-hour LAB-5538, The Real-Time Java Platform Programming Challenge: Taming Timing Troubles, which relates to the oldest JSR of all -- JSR 001, Real-Time Specification for Java. At the same time, in Esplanade 303, Kay Glahn of Vodafone Group R&D and Erkki Rysa of Nokia are lecturing on TS-4555, Mobile Service Architecture 2: Introducing New Features in Mobile Devices. Right after that, continuing in Esplanade 303, Angus Huang and Paul Su of Aplix Corporation USA, and Roger Riggs of Sun Microsystems are presenting TS-5282, The Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition Mobile Information Device Profile 3.0 (MIDP 3.0). Starting later that evening at 9:30 pm, also in Esplanade 303, Martin Johansson and Niclas Palm of Ericsson AB, are facilitating BOF-4112, JSR 325: A New (Standardized) Way of Communication.

On Wednesday, June 3, 11:05 am, Roy Ben Hayun of Sun Microsystems and Do Hyun Chung of MobiTV is speaking on TS-6765, MobiTV: Creating Effective Mobile Content Now and in the Future, in Esplanade 302. Later that afternoon at 1:30 pm in Esplanade 305, Greg Bollella of Sun Microsystems is talking about JSR 001, the Real-Time Specification for Java, in TS-6735, Building a Java Technology-Based Automation Controller: What, Why, How. Right afterward and down the hall in Esplanade 303, Satish Hemachandran and Hans Hrasna of Sun Microsystems are co-teaching TS-4877, Sun GlassFish Mobility Platform. In Hall E 132 later that evening at 6:45 pm, Karol Harezlak, Lukas Hasik, and Brad Schmidt of Sun Microsystems are leading a two-hour hands-on LAB-5539BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) workshop, Touch Your Application! Building Slick, Touch-Enabled UIs for Java Platform, Micro Edition. Still later, at 8:45 pm in Esplanade 302, Alexey Chekmarev and Boris Ulasevich of Sun Microsystems are facilitating BOF-4561 on NFC (Near Field Communication) and Contactless Communication API (JSR 257) for Mobile Phones. At the same time, right next door in Esplanade 303, Guixin Cheng and Irvin Ye of Sun Microsystems are coordinating BOF-4702, Mobile Phone in Continuous Glucose Monitoring.

The Java ME sessions continue on Thursday, June 4. Jean-Yves Bitterlich and Petr Panteleyev of Sun Microsystems are speaking on TS-3989, JSR 290: Empower Web User Interfaces for Mobile Java Technology, starting at 10:50 am in Esplanade 303. Next door in Esplanade 302 during the same hour, Kobi Luz and Tamir Shabat of Sun Microsystems are presenting TS-4521 on Interactive Applications Development for TV, related to JSRs 218 and 219. After lunch at 1:30 pm in Esplanade 301, Ivan Veselovsky and Yael Wagner of Sun Microsystems are presenting TS-6263, Device Fitness Testing. A panel discussion, PAN-5336, MSA 2: How Do We Work Toward a Consistent Java Platform? is taking place at 4:10 pm in Gateway 102-103. Participants include Cuihtlauac Alvarado, Orange; Patrick Curran, Sun Microsystems; Kay Glahn, Vodafone Group R&D; Andreas Kristensson, Sony Ericsson; Calinel Pasteanu, Sun Microsystems; Erkki Rysa, Nokia; and Heather VanCura Chilson, Sun Microsystems. Later that evening at 7:30 pm in Esplanade 302, several JCP ME Executive Committee Members are appearing for BOF-1241, What's Up with Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME Platform)? Participants include Patrick Curran, Sun Microsystems; Max Lanfranconi, JCP PMO; Roger Riggs, Sun Microsystems; John Rizzo, Aplix Corp; Sean Sheedy, PhoneDeveloper, LLC; and James Warden, RIM.

On Friday, June 5, two technical sessions begin at 10:50 am: in Esplanade 303, Jay Indurkar of Sprint Nextel and Raj Tumuluri of OpenStream are speaking on TS-6592, Sprint Titan (JSR 232 OSGi): Bringing Mobile into the Mainstream, while in Esplanade 302 Amir Amit and Sourath Roy of Sun Microsystems are addressing JSR 219 functionality in TS-4564, Gaming Package for Java Technology on TV: Solving the Gaming Problem. At 1:30 pm in Esplanade 305, Magno Cavalcante of Petrobras/ and Clayton Chagas of the Brazilian Army Research Center, are presenting TS-4674, Java in the Brazilian Digital TV: Interactivity and Digital Inclusion on TV, which pertains to JSR 927.