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Sessions at the JavaOne 2009 Conference
Java Enterprise Edition
Java Micro Edition Sessions
Java Standard Edition Sessions

At the JavaOne Conference, twenty sessions target the Java Enterprise Edition (EE). There's a lab, six BOFs, and thirteen technical sessions. Among the featured technologies are JAX-RS, Java Persistence, JavaBeans, JavaServer Faces, Java Servlets, OSGi, and the green topic of CO2 savings.

The sessions begin 10:50 am on Tuesday, June 2, in Hall E 134, where Kenneth Saks and Marina Vatkina of Sun Microsystems are talking about TS-4605, Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1 (EJB 3.1) Technology Overview. Right afterward in the same room, Jan Luehe and Rajiv Mordani of Sun Microsystems, along with Greg Wilkins of Webtide, are presenting TS-3790, Java Servlet 3.0: Empowering Your Web Applications With Async, Extensibility and More, which relates to JSR 315. And that's it for Tuesday.

Wednesday, June 3, is packed with EE-related sessions running from morning to night. At 11:05 am in Hall E 134, Marc Hadley and Paul Sandoz of Sun Microsystems are discussing the JSR 311-related TS-4875, Developing RESTful Web Services with the Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS). At the same time, in Gateway 102-103, Alex Buckley of Sun Microsystems is presenting TS-4954, Modularity in the Java Programming Language: JSR 294 and Beyond. A few minutes later at 11:40 am in Hall E 130-131, Sony Manuel and Jagadesh Munta of Sun Microsystems, and Sudhir Prabhu of Sun Microsystems India Pvt Ltd are leading a hands-on lab, LAB-5546, Developing Composite SIP Applications with Custom Application Routers, a workshop that relates to JSR 289.

Still on Wednesday, after a lunch break, BJ Hargrave of IBM and Peter Kriens of aQute are informing the audience about JSR 294 in TS-4966, Upgrading OSGi, at 1:30 pm in Hall E 134. Continuing right afterward at 2:50 pm in the same room, Linda DeMichiel of Sun Microsystems is presenting TS-5214, Java Persistence API 2.0: What's New [with JSR 317]? Again in the same room at 4:10 pm, Gavin King of RedHat is speaking on TS-6726, Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE Platform). Also at 4:10 pm, over in Esplanade 304-306, Martin Grebac and Jakub Podlesak of Sun Microsystems are talking about JSR 224 JAX-WS and JSR 311 JAX-RS in TS-4883, Coding REST and SOAP Together.

Two evening BOFs top off the Wednesday action. Ted Goddard of ICEsoft Technologies; Roger Kitain of Sun Microsystems; Andy Schwartz of Oracle; and Alexander Smirnov of Exadel are facilitating BOF-4869, JavaServer Faces Platform [JSR 314] and Ajax: State of the Union, at 6:45 pm in Esplanade 307-310. At 7:45 pm in Hall E 134, Roberto Chinnici and Bill Shannon of Sun Microsystems are coordinating BOF-4483, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6 Platform) Community Discussion.

Thursday, June 4, has a more relaxed schedule. Adam Bien of will get things started at 9:30 am in Esplanade 305 with a talk on TS-3890, Energy, CO2 Savings with Java Platform, Enterprise Edition and More: Project GreenFire. Much later at 1:30 pm in Hall E 134, Emmanuel Bernard of JBoss, a Division of Red Hat, is discussing TS-5184, Bean Validation: Declare Once, Validate Anywhere -- A Reality?, a question pertaining to JSR 303. Later that evening at 6:30 pm in Esplanade 300, Alberto Lemos and Vinicius Senger of Globalcode are facilitating BOF-3952, Enterprise Web 2.0 Architectures: From Pristine Java EE Platform to Fully Loaded Frameworks. Starting a few minutes later at 6:45 pm in Hall E 134, Linda DeMichiel of Sun Microsystems is leading BOF-5215, The Java Persistence 2.0 API , on JSR 317. At 7:30 pm in Esplanade 300, Marc Hadley and Hubert Le Van Gong of Sun Microsystems are leading JSR 311-related BOF-4903, A RESTful Approach to Identity-based Web Services. In Hall E 134 at 8:30 pm, Jens Jensen and Peter Kristiansson of Ericsson AB are coordinating BOF-4520, Availability Management for Java, on JSR 319.

Friday, June 5, holds the last three technical sessions pertaining to Java EE. At 10:50 am in Hall E 134, Michael Keith of Oracle is presenting TS-5265, A Java Persistence API Mapping Magical Mystery Tour. At the same time in Gateway 104, Binod Pg and Sivakumar Thyagarajan of Sun Microsystems are talking about TS-4733, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition Technology-Based Connector Architecture 1.6. Continuing in that room later on at 1:30 pm, Ludovic Champenois of Sun Microsystems and Phillipe Ombredanne of nexB and EasyEclipse are presenting TS-5055, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 and 6: Eclipse and NetBeans IDE Tooling Offering.