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Final Results of 2008 JCP(SM) Executive Committees Elections Are Out
SANTA CLARA,CA - November 18,2008 The Java Community Process(SM) (JCP(SM)) Program Management Office, today announced the final results of the 2008 JCP Executive Committees (EC) elections. After two ballot rounds -- for ratified and elected seats -- the winners are: Ericsson, SpringSource, SAP, Intel Corp. and Werner Keil for the Java SE/EE EC and Nokia, Philips, IBM, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB and Sean Sheedy for the Java ME EC. For an overview of the 2008 JCP EC elections including the ratification ballot, ratification results, open nominations, elections ballot and elections results you can visit

"The number and variety of candidates and the results of this year's elections testify to the vitality of the organization. The balance between newcomers and re-elected members, large corporations and individuals, and between traditional and open-source business models reflects the diversity of the Java community. I'd like to congratulate the winners, and to thank the runners-up. I'm looking forward to welcoming the new members at our next meeting in December," said Patrick Curran Chair of the JCP and director of the JCP Program at Sun Microsystems, Inc.

The Executive Committee changeover will take place between November 18 and Dec. 1 with the new EC members taking office on December 2. EC members guide the evolution of the Java technologies by approving and voting on all technology proposals (Java Specification Requests, or JSRs). They are also responsible for defining the JCP's rules of governance and the legal agreement between members and the organization. They provide guidance to the Program Management Office (PMO) and they represent the interests of the JCP to the broader community.

This year 13 candidates participated in the EC elections race including corporate entities and individual developers. To view the qualifying statements of both winners and runners up go to Ratification Results and to Election Results.

About the Java Community Process
Since its launch in 1998 as the open, inclusive process to develop and revise Java technology specifications, reference implementations, and technology compatibility kits, the Java Community Process program has fostered the evolution of the Java platform in cooperation with the international Java developer community. As the organization prepares to celebrate its 10th birthday, the JCP now has over 1200 corporate and individual participants. More than 300 Java technology specifications are in development in the JCP program, 55% of which are in the final stages. For more information on the JCP program, please visit

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Corina Ulescu
JCP Program Office
Sun Microsystems, Inc.