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JSR #342
JavaTM Platform, Enterprise Edition 7 (Java EE 7) Specification
Maintenance Review Ballot
Ballot duration: 2015-06-16   to: 2015-06-22

These are the final results of the Maintenance Review Ballot for JSR #342. The EC has approved this ballot.


Arm Limited Yes
Azul Systems, Inc. No Vote
Credit Suisse No Vote
Eclipse Foundation, Inc No Vote
Ericsson AB Yes
* Freescale Semiconductor Voting rights suspended since 2015-06-15
Fujitsu Limited Yes
Gemalto M2M GmbH No Vote
Goldman Sachs & Co. Yes
Hazelcast Yes
Hewlett-Packard Yes
Intel Corp. No Vote
Keil, Werner Yes
London Java Community No Vote
Magnusson Jr, Geir Yes
MicroDoc No Vote
Oracle Yes
Red Hat No Vote
* SAP SE Voting rights suspended since 2015-06-15
Software AG Yes
SouJava No Vote
Twitter, Inc. Yes
V2COM No Vote

Icon Legend
Yes Yes
No No
Abstain Abstain
Not voted Not voted

* EC Member : Voting rights have been suspended according to JCP 2.8

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