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JSR #350
Java State Management
JSR Renewal Ballot
Ballot duration: 2015-04-28   to: 2015-05-11

Special Vote Instructions:

Over the past year the expert group has made progress defining the APIs for State Management, they have gone through several iterations and are at a point where an initial reference implementation should be created to further refine and flesh out the APIs. That said the EG has struggled defining a concrete use case that validates the goal of this JSR, the high level design and the API design. This was more an issue of some key people leaving the EG and losing the context they had that started the JSR and their domain expertise. The EG took a break to focus on other pressing individual responsibilities but intents to resume meeting during this calendar year. At that time the group as currently constituted will revisit the use case and apply the API design to it. We do feel there is a need, and value, for consumers of state to be able to express their requirements at runtime and have pluggable providers fulfill these requirements.

These are the final results of the JSR Renewal Ballot for JSR #350. The EC has not approved this ballot.


Arm Limited Yes
Azul Systems, Inc. No Vote
Credit Suisse Abstain
Eclipse Foundation, Inc Abstain
Ericsson AB No
Freescale Semiconductor Abstain
Fujitsu Limited Abstain
Gemalto M2M GmbH Yes
Goldman Sachs & Co. No
Hazelcast No
Hewlett-Packard No
IBM Abstain
Intel Corp. Abstain
Keil, Werner Abstain
London Java Community No
Magnusson Jr, Geir No
MicroDoc Abstain
Oracle Yes
Red Hat No
SAP SE No Vote
Software AG Yes
SouJava No
Twitter, Inc. Abstain
V2COM Abstain

Icon Legend
Yes Yes
No No
Abstain Abstain
Not voted Not voted

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