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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
JSR 370: JavaTM API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS 2.1) Specification

Open Nominations

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Approved Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Expert Group Sebastian Daschner I'm a Java freelancer working as a Consultant / Software Developer / Architect and I'm enthusiastic about programming and Java (EE). Since last year I've been an JCP member. I have worked a lot with JAX-RS in my clients projects and for open source projects. One pet project for example is the JAX-RS Analyzer which generates REST documentation of JAX-RS projects by Bytecode analysis ( For this tool I've worked through the whole JSR 339 spec. I would like to move the progress of JSR 370 forward by both providing real work experience and workforce. Mar 16, 2016 Y Y
Expert Group Adam Bien Consultant and author Adam Bien is an Expert Group member for the Java EE 6 and 7, EJB 3.X, JAX-RS, and JPA 2.X JSRs. He has worked with Java technology since JDK 1.0 and with Servlets/EJB 1.0 and is now an architect and developer for Java SE and Java EE projects. He has edited several books about JavaFX, J2EE, and Java EE, and he is the author of Real World Java EE Patterns—Rethinking Best Practices and Real World Java EE Night Hacks—Dissecting the Business Tier. Adam is also a Java Champion, Top Java Ambassador 2012, and JavaOne 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Rock Star. Adam occasionally organizes Java EE workshops at Munich’s airport ( Feb 9, 2016 Y Y
Expert Group Ding Iris Iris Ding is webshpere webservices architect comning from IBM. She has rich experience for restful webservices and is an apache CXF comitter. Sep 15, 2015 Y Y
Expert Group Grant Yang I am working as software architect at software group of IBM, and currently working on WebSphere Java EE container. I together with my team is specifically focusing on the Web Service component development and I am familiar with RESTful pattern and previous versions of JAX-RS; the experience of mine covers but not limited to various of JAX-RS providers including as WebSphere, Wink, Jersey, etc. Dec 15, 2014 Y Y
Expert Group Bill Burke Was on a bunch of JSRs Oct 29, 2014 Y Y
Expert Group Julian Reschke Co-Author of HTTP/1.1 spec; active member of IETF HTTPbis working group Oct 27, 2014 Y Y
Expert Group Casey Lee I am the Enterprise Architect for VSP Global. I have led to transition from SOAP to REST at VSP over the past couple of years. I have ensured all parts of REST are adopted at VSP, most specifically, HATEOAS. As a result of this support missing in existing JAX-RS specs, I have built our own approach to this and would love to see some of this work find it's way into JAX-RS 2.1 Oct 21, 2014 Y Y
Expert Group Marcos Luna I've being a Java developer since 2002 when I learn the language in my first formal Job. Since then I had to work from servlets to EJB3 currently in many platforms and very interesting industries, telecommunications, banking and marketing for example. I think I can help on this JSR because the rest architecture and similar technologies has been part of my life the last 5 years, I had days when something didn't work as I expected. So it will be an honor to help here. you can find me also on linkedin Oct 17, 2014 Y Y
Expert Group Sergey Beryozkin I was a member of the JSR-339 expert group and I'm an Apache CXF JAX-RS 1.1/2.0 project lead. Oct 16, 2014 Y Y
Expert Group Markus Karg Head of development at an ISV. Using Java daily since 1997. Spare-time lecturer, consultant, author and Java evangelist. Contributor to lots of open source projects since decades. Contributor of ideas, some code tweaks and lots of bug reports to Jersey since pre-1.0 Contributor of ideas and several bug reports since JAX-RS 1. Expert Group member of JSR 339 / JAX-RS 2.0 Vendor of "WebDAV Support for JAX-RS" Actively contributed the community's view on JAX-RS in comparison to some others who mainly contributed a vendor's view on their own product, or who did not contribute anything to any discussion on the EG's list at all! ;-) Contributed ideas particularly in the field of filters, async, HTTP transparency, and extensibility, which are now found in JAX-RS 2.0 but possibly would not exist to the extent needed to fulfil JAX-RS's key role in future Java EE 8 without being persistent sometimes. ;-) Oct 15, 2014 Y Y

Processed Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Expert Group Vaquar khan I am working as expert group member JSR 368,I have been a software developer and Architect for the past 14 years, with an emphasis on Java and Java EE for the last 14. I also working with the Apache spark development. I am interested in the interoperability of this JSR with other components of the Java EE platform.◄-vaquar-khan-►-★✔-b695577 Oct 8, 2016 - XA
Expert Group Thomas Pliakas Dr. Thomas Pliakas received his BSc in Electronics from Educational Institute of Crete, Department of Electronics, Greece in 1999, his Postgraduate Diploma in Computer and Information Networks from University of Essex, Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, UK in 2001 and his PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of the Aegean, Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering Department in 2008. He has been actively working on the area of multimedia communication systems, and he has introduced alternative methods for quality of service guarantee for heterogeneous networks. His working/research experience includes working to NCSR Demokritos, Intracom Telemcoms and Nokia Siemens Networks, in the research and development departments, with active involvement to national and european research progams. Since 2009, when he joined NSN, he is working as an R&D Product Architect, for a novel trading platform for mobile telecom operators to enable them to sell their services and utilize their network capacity more efficiently to enterprises and other operators. Thomas Pliakas is also participating in IEEE Standards Association for Cloud Portability and Interoperability (CPIP), ΙΕΕΕ tandards for Inter-cloud Interoperability and Federation (SIIF), 3GPP and Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). He has published articles to international journals (4) and conferences (15) and he holds two international pattents. Dr. Thomas Pliakas on behalf of Java Hellenic User Group, is interested to participate in JSR-370 EG and to contribute in the area of the Asynchronous client API (reactive programming paradigm) and/or in non-blocking IO for the providers. Oct 16, 2014 Y XM
Expert Group Daniel Sachse I am working with JAX-RS since its first version and I only built REST, Websocket, etc. based backends. I am also giving Workshops based on REST, JAX-RS and Security Sep 29, 2014 Y XA
Contributor Mimar Aslan Dear sir/madam, I follow your work with admiration. I wish you continued success. First request: My email address is: I have all the conditions for a JCP Contributor Group Member. I am a Computer Engineer. I am working with Java since 2006. I am the strongest candidate for JCP Contributor Group Member from Turkey JUG. Please add to me for JSR-370 like "Contributor" Second request: Please let me make a correction. IstanbulJUG is another small group and only a city group. Our group name is TurkeyJUG. I am Turkey JUG Leader. Turkey JUG email address is: Please add to TurkeyJUG Partner Membership. This is my CV I will be waiting for your advice and opinions. God bless you. Turkey JUG Leader Mimar Aslan Dec 1, 2016 - P
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