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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
JSR 368: JavaTM Message Service 2.1

Open Nominations

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Approved Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Expert Group Ivar Grimstad I am a long time member of the Java Community Process and in the Expert Groups for JSR 371 (MVC 1.0) and JSR 375 (Java EE Security API). I have been working with Java since the beginning and has over the years tried out everything from lightweight mobile applications to large scale enterprise applications. Have been working with Java EE most of my career as well as other comparing frameworks such as Spring. I think I can contribute to the Ease-of-Development part of JSR-368 with the view from an application developer and user of the API. Being a frequent speaker at developer conferences, locally as well as internationally as well as being active in the community, I can contribute to spreading information and get people involved and willing to contribute. This is much easier (acceptance at conferences and credibility) when being a member of the expert group. Sep 1, 2015 Y Y
Expert Group Christopher Barrow Chris Barrow has been working as a developer at Kaazing Corporation for the past four years, focusing mainly on the Kaazing WebSocket Gateway's JMS service. Thanks to this work Chris has a detailed understanding of the JMS API, has experience with many different JMS providers, and is well aware of the strengths and limitations of the API. Chris contributed to the JMS 2.0 specification by submitting review comments and suggestions to the spec users list and filing enhancement requests. Prior to Kaazing, Chris was a member of the application server development team at Oracle, so he has a background in J2EE as well as JMS. Dec 5, 2014 Y Y
Expert Group Matthew White Member of the previous JSR for JMS2.0. Current role at IBM UK is the IBM MQ JMS and Intergation/Connectivity Architect. With this role I've responsibility for the architecture of the MQ messaging product. I have worked with the IBM messaging systems for over 10 years now. Dec 3, 2014 Y Y
Expert Group Werner Keil Before Oracle took over BEA, I was its only external consultant in the entire EMEA region. Prior to helping one of the largest clients at the time, Nokia with a Social Network like system for pilot testers of new devices. Leveraging XMLBeans and specialized MDBs to distribute XML messages. More, see Oct 29, 2014 Y Y
Expert Group Clebert Suconic HornetQ Project Lead and co-founder, JBoss Messaging co-founder and most recently activeMQ committer. Oct 6, 2014 Y Y
Expert Group Vaquar khan◄-vaquar-khan-►-★✔/7/557/b69/ Qualification : Master of Computer Applications Experience: 11 yr in Java ,JEE and 10 yr in JMS API Sep 27, 2014 Y Y
Expert Group Rüdiger zu Dohna I've been a Java EE developer since 2011 and used JMS in numerous projects. I've been in the JMS-2.0 EG. Sep 24, 2014 Y Y
Expert Group Seunghoon Han I(Seunghoon Han) am a Java EE platform developer working at TmaxSoft R&D Center in South Korea. My official title is Senior researcher of TmaxSoft. Currently I'm working on TmaxSoft Application Server platform JEUS, mainly developing JMS provider, Network Library and Group Management Service (like Shoal or JGroups). With my experience and expertise on Java EE technologies, I think I can contribute to this JSR. Aug 28, 2014 Y Y

Processed Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Expert Group noman Khan 12 years of experience with java. Have 10 yrs of experience of using jms.Worked on various projects using jms with middleware like tibco ems,mqseries, solace. LinkedIn Nov 14, 2016 - XM
Expert Group Matt Pavlovich I've been implementing Enterprise Messaging Systems of all sizes throughout the Fortune 500 for over 10 years. Committer on ActiveMQ. Expert in cross-platform and cross-protocol messaging. Technical Practice lead at Media Driver where I oversee development of the Integrated Console, which provides a multi-vendor tool for centralized management of Enterprise Messaging Systems. My interest area in JRS-368 is to address JMS API 2.0 gaps that exist across protocols, products and vendors and improve usability from a developer perspective. LinkedIn: Recent enterprise messaging related blog post: Nov 3, 2016 - XM
Expert Group David Blevins Java EE is awesome Oct 6, 2014 Y X
Contributor Reza Rahman Reza Rahman is a long time consultant now working at CapTech. He has been a Java EE technologist at Oracle. He is the author of the popular book EJB 3 in Action. Reza is a frequent speaker at Java User Groups and conferences worldwide including JavaOne and Devoxx. Reza led the Java EE track at JavaOne and is a JavaOne Rock Star Speaker award recipient. He is an avid contributor to industry journals like JavaLobby/DZone and TheServerSide. Reza has been a member of the Java EE, EJB and JMS expert groups. He implemented the EJB container for the Resin open source Java EE application server. Jun 20, 2016 - Y
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