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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
JSR 353: JavaTM API for JSON Processing

Open Nominations

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Approved Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Expert Group Marius Bogoevici Marius Bogoevici is a Senior Software Engineer with Red Hat, leading the Spring integration efforts for JBoss AS and other JBoss projects. He is the lead for Snowdrop, a utility package that contains JBoss-specific extensions to the Spring Framework, and also a contributor to Weld, the JSR-299/CDI Reference Implementation and other Java EE-related developer initiatives at JBoss. Marius' interest in JSON and related technologies is for enabling HTML5/Javascript architecture, as well as integration with CDI and the rest of the Java EE platform. Dec 11, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Jonathan Fuerth Jonathan Fuerth has been a full-time Java developer since 2000, and has developed production code against several Java JSON implementations in that time, including the original parser, Google GSON, GWT's JSON types, and a custom JSON parser/writer developed as part of the project he works on at JBoss. Jonathan also co-leads the Toronto Java Users Group, and recently organized an Adopt-a-JSR hack day around this JSR. Dec 6, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group wen shao I have 9 years experience with java, 5 years experience with json. working at Alibaba Group. I am author of fastjson. fastjson is very popular in china. fastjson is simple to use, and has a good performance, 2 times to jackson, 6 tiems to gson, 30 times to json-lib. see perforamnce detail : . fastjson site : Oct 25, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Jörn Horstmann My name is Jörn Horstmann, I'm a software developer in Germany working on portal, content management and enterprise integration solutions. I have been programming in Java for 9 years, done some C and PHP before that. I'm especially interested in web technologies and parser construction and have created my own JSON parser implementation, available on github ( I'm looking forward to contribute to the specification, RI and TCK. May 28, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Werner Keil Beside being Co-Spec Lead of JSR 357 (Social Media API) relying on JSON among other JSRs and technologies, I was part of a team who developed a 3 way Java Binding Framework to JPA, Excel (via POI) and JSON from a single Entity. I understand, some of that work may contribute more to a future JSON Binding JSR, but it provided me first hand deep JSON experience, I would be happy to bring into the EG. Feb 29, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Jay Balunas I work for Red Hat as a JBoss core develop, and project lead for our mobile and client efforts. Previously I was the RichFaces project lead ( JSF component library), and member of the JSF 2.X expert groups. JSON is a critical piece of client-server communication, and I can bring my expertise to play here, as well as assist with its implications for various mobile client technologies. Jan 25, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Yusuke Yamamoto working at Twitter as a software engineer / developer advocate of Twitter API. the founder / lead of Twitter4J project. Jan 17, 2012 Y Y
Expert Group Christian Grobmeier I am programmer since 1998, moved to Java in 2001. I participate in several Open Source projects and I am member of the Apache Software Foundation. One of my projects is JJSON, which is a no-dependency implementation of JSON. I have started to work on a streaming json api, but this has never been finished. Dec 7, 2011 Y Y

Processed Nominations

Nomination Type Full Name Biography Spec Lead Comments Submission date Spec Lead Vote PMO Vote
Expert Group Sina Jahangirizadeh I am proffesional java coder for more that 7 years. I have been using json libraries in the past three years. Aug 28, 2012 N Y
Expert Group Phani Bhushan Reddy Vemi Java/J2EE Developer nearly having 6 years of experience. Worked with JSON and related technologies for 2 years as part of various integration projects. May 16, 2012 N Y
Expert Group David Illsley I'm a server side developer who dabbles with web projects and JSON, and I have a pretty deep history with XML and the DOM (Axiom/Axis2 committer, web services developer for IBM WAS, W3C rep for IBM). I'm also part of the London Java Community Adopt-a-JSR group for this JSR, and I'm looking forward to seeing this JSR complete, and us having a better JSON story for Java. In order to understand both the user and implementor perspectives, I've experimented with writing my own APIs/implementations of a JSON library. I'm not longer employed by a JCP member organisation, so I'd be doing this on my own time/with my own resources. Mar 30, 2012 Y XM
Expert Group Wender Freese My name is Wender Freese, I am 21 years old and live in Brazil. I work with Web Applications using Java and Php technology to four years, during this time I always need find alternative ways to manage JSON requests due the lack of a native API. I have a solid knowledge in Java and other technologies and frameworks, I can say for example: Jaxb Jpa Jsp and Servlet Jsf Struts Hibernate Javascript / Ajax JQuery / Prototype This moment I am studying to OCJP exam and would like to participate of the community and processes. Jan 18, 2012 N X
Expert Group Tatu Saloranta Tatu Saloranta, an experience Java software developer, author of multiple widely used open source Java libraries, including Jackson JSON processor. Jackson is used as the JSON processing library for many Java frameworks, including most JAX-RS implementations (such as Jersey, the standard implementation). LinkedIn profile: Jan 16, 2012 Y X
Expert Group sivaji kondapalli I am sivaji, SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD with 7+ years of java,jee experience would like to contribute to this JSR. I am keen on open source technologies and did few contributions( Dec 9, 2011 - X
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